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How much currency do I need to buy or craft this bow?
Build is great. Sold my HH to invest into this build heh, had my fun with it I guess :P

But, did you farm the helmet enchant yourself? Or was someone just selling it to you?
@Gravewaker : Depending of your luck, about 7-9ex~ to make it from a random 6L short bow

@Jon345 : Glad you enjoy it ! I bought it directly, I dislike lab farm :P
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Do we really need the unique helm? - I crafted this and I've been interested in your build for a while.

hello, are you still offering crafting service to craft the bow for this build?

how many exalts in total to create the crafted bow?
eketroe wrote:
hello, are you still offering crafting service to craft the bow for this build?

how many exalts in total to create the crafted bow?

Yes if you can find me ingame, I'm playing less lately.
Added bow cost informations to the faq !
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With intensify you get a nice aoe radius boost when you are moving, casting & so (pob only show the calculation with 4 stacks and malus to area of effect)... tbh I don't know which one is the most convenient for leveling or low level stuff and I don't see any problem to use another gem if it makes the gameplay better for you :)

Am I doing something wrong with Intensify? When I move i lose my stacks immediately. At the moment I am also using Unleash as its easy on the mana (no diadem) and makes keeping 10 stacks nice and easy.
I too use Unleash, apparently according to poewiki it's around 104.2% more dps / cast speed so with the bow it comes around 42% which I am fine with for the QoL it offers. PoB won't calculate it so don't expect to see high numbers.

I swapped Intensify for Conc, cause it's more consistent (a lot more) and you do need to move here and there to dodge hits, especially on those drum legion dudes.

Other than that I love the build and I love the guide. I believe people should tweak the parts they dislike the way they want to and it's not like 1 gem swap = build totally ruined.

I haven't looked at the PoB, but isn't atziris flask a waste with avatar of fire?

I've been running a rf/bv build as a league starter and once I got aof I swapped my atziris for a wise oak. I actually specced out of aof to be able to use it again.

I've basically geared as rf and added bv touches, for example my scepter gives % phys as extra fire and % physical as extra random element. I also use Phoenix shield to get to 82 fire res. I'd imagine that bv in a sick bow like that makes a huge dps difference, but the synergy for rf/bv just really clicked with me.

I'm using a 6l armor with arc surge support for rf and its pretty sweet. Bv is in my immol/conc/more ele Helm.

I'd also say that unleash is a godsend for bv. I tried cwc cyclone and it seemed OK, but once I used unleash I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I'd really recommend trying it. It basically solves mana issues by itself. While you regen mana the stacks build and having a lesser mana pool in a way "saves" you from casting only 1 bv at a time. I have something like 75 unreserved mana and can maintain full bv stacks, flame dash, and phase run with no issues. My only issue with unleash is that it can't work with vaal bv, even just the regular bv part of it (at least last I tested). It was a bummer to not have vaal rf and vaal bv going off for 6 glorious seconds together.

Anyway, not trying to hijack or anything, but wanted to mention the atziris flask and chime in on other things people have discussed.

We don't use Avatar of fire.

Atziri's promise provides chaos res & a good dps boost, less than wise oak though. Both options are viable for this build.

Unleash is good when you have mana/cast speed issues and if you can't maintain bv stacks, otherwise there is better options.

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