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Yeah, it is pretty clear that mod isn't available on bows, shaper or not. I feel like the best bow is going to be one with +1 gems and +1 to str/dex gems. Not cheap, considering faceted fossils don't grow on trees.

I am currently running with a poor man's bow in league. I bought for an ex today, which I figured was fine given it was already colored. Crafted the +1 support on it for the time being, as I dumped today's money into the empower. Not sure where to go from here.

I did pick up a nice watcher's eye which I plan to run once diadems become more abundant. Hard to do much with it until I can run all the auras though.

So far clear is great. My main problem is single target. Conquerors and metamorphs are taking much too long to kill in mid-reds and higher. Hoping the diadem + auras helps, and eventually getting a couple of circles.

I guess I'll have to eventually drop unleash, but I would miss the ease of use.

My current feeling on the build is that has a lot of potential high end, but it requires dumping a large amount of currency into it before you get some acceptable single target.

Edit: I have the multimod, +2 to support, and 8-10% double damage crafts. Feel free to hit me up if you need them.
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Just did Sirus on my BV chieftain, on awakening 6. Definitely tougher than with my 10m dps impale champion last league, but it was workable.

Overall this character maps very well, and chaining packsplosions are great in delirium. The currency investment needed for decent single target is a lot higher than other builds though. I just got my hands on this, and it makes things feel a bit smoother. Hit a godly divine on it too.

Edit: Killed Sirius again. A7 this time. Fight is still close. I am bad with the 'die' part in the third phase.
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Yeah... I spent a lot of currency on this, but it was worth it in the end. Got the 3 rolls alt spamming really fast (like less than 100) then saved up the currency for multimod and 5 linked it, then after about 8 ex worth of fusings 6 linked it. Also 5 off colors took about 3 ex worth of chromes. Probably not the best investment of currency, but I'm happy with the result. According to pob, it is a little less than 10% less damage than the old bow. Not bad.
Your bow is definitely better than mine. Must have been expensive to make though. PoB shows it as doing 8.5% or so more damage.

Having a hard time with A8 Sirius today. The only part that really kills me are the 'die' beams in the last phase. He does the rotating beams, teleports away and does his 'die' and then seems to hit me with pretty spot on tracking. How do I avoid it somewhat reliably? I'll even zone back in and get die sniped from across the map, which is pretty infuriating. I am totally fine with the rest of the mechanics.

I have what is the highest dps BV chieftain shown on poe.ninja at this moment, so that is fun. I am BeanAndRice.

I have a bunch of extra currency too. Got a bottled faith today from Cortex which I sold, so I am pretty flush. Need to decide what to do with it now.
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For sirus last phase he usually does the attack where he has like 10 clones in a circle and one does a beam attack, you just keep walking to dodge it, then right after it ends flame dash and you should dodge the die beam. Walking only wont dodge it since it tracks you.

I'll try and catch up to you damage wise once I get enough currency. I do play this build a little beefier with 8k life though so we will see if I can catch up. I'm CoronaDeliriumBoomer.

Also, idk if you have phasing anywhere in your build, but try adding % chance to get phasing on kill to your abyss jewel and the build feels much much smoother, I go for at least 6% chance. And another thing to spend some currency on is a % increased damage implicit kaoms heart. Also awakened supports, and aspect of the spider on something is nice.
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Appreciate the advice. I have more life than what poe.ninja says. It isn't calculating something.

I will look into getting phasing on the abyss jewel. Aspect of the spider would really require me to get an enlighten and do the Sovereignty circle, which I am not 100% sure I want to do.

One thing I was considering for more potential damage was dropping the Tasalio ascendancy node for Arohongui, dropping armageddon brand, and doing a spell totem/wave of conviction/combustion link. That way the totem could be boosting damage in three different ways.
I see you have duration nodes, IMO its not really necessary at all with unleash support. Some layers of defense like aspect of the spider really help in this league. Also I have a skill setup with cast when damage taken wave of conviction on a low level for the extra damage, while also having the armageddon brand. Removing the Tasalio node would also make my uncapped fire res lower than the other 2 making wise oak useless unless I re geared, I personally don't think it's worth it.
I used unleash for a long time. I eventually felt like I needed the better single target provided by intensify though. Once the damage gets high enough you can map just fine with only a couple of stacks of BV up, and the damage really helps with bosses.

Somebody did message me about bow crafting (maybe it was you?), and I did go ahead and craft myself a better bow.

It is pretty much the same process listed for the bow in the OP, except you use an essence of rage for the fire pen. The attack speed isn't necessary. I just didn't need to gamble annuling it off to finish the crafting.

There are some other good amulet options too, which arent talked about in the OP. You can get + to dex dems, or + to physical gems. I ended up buying an okay dex gem amulet with a bunch of dex, and multimodding it.

I do find that some AoE pickup is helpful where you can get, mainly to ensure that the explosions proliferate cleanly. On maps with reduced AoE you can definitely feel the difference. I like going for the explosive impact node on the tree, for some extra fire damage and AoE.
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Ah, I didn't notice you weren't using unleash. And that bow seems a lot easier to craft than mine was and I didn't even think about it. Also I noticed poe.ninja isn't calculating life from jewels. Is the +1 level on bv better than 15% of phys as extra fire?
+1 level and 15% are really close in damage while flame's advance is down. Once the flame's advance bonus rotates up the +1 is clearly more damage.

You even have the possibility of +1 level and +15% phys as fire, or even +2 levels from the amulet. Just depends on what you can afford. I just liked all the dex on the one I was able to pick up, and it was cheap.

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