[3.9] Fire BV Chieftain | All content | Delve 600+ | Fast , Tanky, 5M+ Shaper DPS | Possible starter

Hi everyone !

I'm opening this topic to present you my first personal build based on blade vortex.
Please note I'm a player who still need to learn about this game, since I started to play in betrayal league then I stopped at the end of the season and came back 2 weeks before Legion's launch.
This guide may contains errors and most likely can be improved, however I decided to put it online because the results have gone beyond my expectations. I hope you'll enjoy it :D

If you have any questions or want simply discuss about the build, I invite you to use this thread or join me directly on my twitch channel. Don't be afraid to hear me speak in french, I can speak in english too (with an awful accent haha)

I'll do my best to keep this guide updated !

December 25, 2019 : Quick update for 3.9
July 07, 2019 : Added demondied1's crafting bow guide in the FAQ
July 04, 2019 : Updated PoB & LvL 100 tree, added Skill Bar informations in Gem Setups section

+ Very balanced, can do any content
+ Tanky : 8k+ life, 76% elemental res, good armor with flask (synergizes well with vaal molten shell), cwdt+ic, good regen and life leech
+ Flexible & scalable, can be a starter character
+ Good clear speed
+ Boss killer, high DPS and burst with vaal gems

- Can't do elemental reflect maps
- Relies on flasks to be more effective during clearing, "piano flasking"
- You aren't invincible and need some knowledge to anticipate damage burst from enemies and use preventively long cooldown skills, I'll talk about that later

This build is pretty much unchanged and remains strong.
It is harder to get good crafts like the amulet and we have new gear and tools (annointements, catalysts etc) so it's pretty easy to balance. Even if this league is brutal for melee, overall I think we're stronger and it's definitelly possible to clear all the content again.

Here is the PoB of my current legion character and lvl 6x, 70, 86 & 100 tree.
PoB doesn't take into account some buffs in ascendancy (like "every 10s, gain 100% physical damage as extra fire for 4s") and watcher's eye buffs, so the correct shaper dps should be highter again.

LvL 6x Tree
LvL 70 Tree
LvL 86 Tree
LvL 100 Tree

No absolute rules here, just some indications ;)

Pick in the order :
1. Ngamahu, Flame's Advance : Fire conversion and huge dps boost
2. Hinekora, Death's Fury : More dps on rare and unique enemies and more importantly, 1% life leech with fire damage which is more than enough to reach the leech cap.
3. Tasalio, Cleansing Water : Defensive boost
4. Ramako, Sun's Light

Kill them all

Major : Soul of Solaris for crit damage reduction
Minor : Soul of Shakari for chaos damage mitigation and poison immunity, it saves a flask suffix

BV 4L : Vaal Blade Vortex - Added Fire Damage Support - Elemental Focus Support - Controlled Destruction Support

BV 5L : Vaal Blade Vortex - Added Fire Damage Support - Elemental Focus Support - Controlled Destruction Support - Intensify

BV 6L : Vaal Blade Vortex - Added Fire Damage Support - Elemental Focus Support - Controlled Destruction Support - Intensify - Concentrated Effect Support/Increased Area of Effect Support (you can switch depending if you need clearspeed or more damage)

Endgame BV 6L (bow) : Vaal Blade Vortex - Empower LvL 3-4 - Elemental Focus Support - Controlled Destruction Support - Intensify - Concentrated Effect Support

You can use Increased Area of Effect Support gem in any setup if you need a larger AOE. At high level with good gear, it won't be needed anymore since the radius is big enough.


While leveling and until you got something like 7k+ life, don't upgrade too much CWDT and other gems. When you got enough life you can max them all.
Just keep molten shell always higher level than CWDT because we don't want it to proc during the vaal effect and replace it with an inferior buff.


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Left click : Move only
Right Click : Blade vortex
Armageddon Brand (with Always attack without moving)
Flame Dash (with Always attack without moving)
Phase Run
Vaal Molten Shell
Vaal Blade Vortex
Vaal Righteous Fire
Second set:
Molten Shell
Blood Rage

- Goldrim
- Tabula Rasa or any 4L/5L armor with at least a green, red and 2 blues sockets
- Wanderlust
- Atziri's Foible : provides good mana regen, should carry you until you get a Devouring Diadem
- Le Heup of All
- Auromvorax

There are tons of option and I won't list them all. Blade vortex doesn't rely so much on gear early on. Just max your elemental resists, level up your gems and you should be fine.
If you plan to level with blade vortex as a first character, you may need help from a witch/shadow/ranger/scion to get the gems from a vendor for you (marauder can't access some of them before act6)

FIRST UPGRADES (in the order)
5 or 6L bow : don't worry about stats yet. Just get anything with the right color socket (G-R-B-B-B or G-R-B-B-B-B)

The Signal Fire : mandatory in this build, add a ton of damage and convert 50% of your physical damage to fire damage (so it's 100% with the ascendancy). You'll be able to run physical reflect maps. It is a cheap quiver, a lot more expensive if you aim for a corrupted one with a good implicit.

Devouring Diadem : solves 6L BV mana issues because you get Eldricht Battery and spend ES you can leech with fire damage thanks to Heart of Flame passive. You can play without it if you stay in a 4-5L BV setup. Recommanded enchant is 30% increased Blade Vortex Duration.

Kaom's Heart : armor, massive life boost (1500+) and fire damage


Your target is a base bow with +1 to level of socketed gems and "socketed skills deal 20% more spell damage", then you can multimod it. With "+2 to level of socketed support gems" and lvl 4 empower gem, your blade vortex skill gem will get 6 lvl increase!

*ABOUT THE 3.9 MULTIMOD NERF* If you follow the crafting guide below, you'll get a bow with a free suffix since it's no more possible to put 3 mods. Craft "+2 level to socketed support gems" and double damage then you may slam an exalt to get the last suffix or put "Aspect of the spider" thanks to the menagerie (captured beast : Fenumus, First of the Night).

For a fast & fun clearing experience, get Asenath's Gentle Touch for the sweet wombo combo explosion.
Recommanded lab enchant would be Decree of Blades, Commandment of flames is nice too. You can try to get a curse corruption too.
Otherwise any gloves with life, resists and maybe dexterity will do the job.

Anything with life, resist and movement speed should be ok. We don't need the mana. Damage penetration is the best lab enchantment choice.

Ok, this one may be a little tricky to get.
Aspect of the spider is really good for this build. Low mana reservation, it slows the enemies (stack with Temporal Chains from gloves) and increase damage they take.
Try to get some damage or flask mods and life increase.

Circle of Anguish with good mods is the way to go, huge boost !
If you are rich you can get a curse implicit (elemental weakness on hit).

A crafted amulet with 1 or 2 elder extra damage mods will give a nice boost.


Life is always good choice, then you can pick elemental resists, dexterity or more damage depending of what you need.

Zealotry watcher's eye is huge. One of the best bonus to get is "Gain Arcane Surge for 4 seconds when you create consecrated ground while affected by Zealotry", it procs very often on bosses and add a lot to damage. You can force a proc with the sulfur flask too.


Eternal Life Flask of Staunching will save you from bleed and occasionally you will need the hp recovery.

Granite Flask will give you a huge armor boost (about 15k with enhancement from the passives) and it works with molten shell.

Quicksilver Flask give you more mobility and Sulphur Flask freeze and chill immunity + another damage boost, it works with the zealotry watcher's eye jewel.
Atziri's promise is a good damage boost and provides chaos resist we lack.

Basalt flask can be used in replacement of Eternal Life flask when you got enought hp, it'll boost your physical damage reduction up to 90% in combinaison with granite flask, passives enhancement & pantheon.

Wise Oak is another interesting choice in replacement of atziri's promise, you lose chaos resistance but get a bit more damage & elemental reduction. If you can get 3 resistances at the same %, it's even better!

If you can get a curse corruption on gloves or ring, go for Whispers of Doom.
Otherwise, "Master of Force" is your best pick and I personally like to run "Disciple of the Unyielding" too.

-Nothing much complicated, we stack blade vortex then we use our flasks and phase run to rush the enemies, explode them and recharge quickly our flasks.

-With good positionning, we don't need any flasks to kill bosses, they die quickly.

-Armageddon Brand is useful to debuff foes and lower their resistances, get some life leech while staying at distance or make some ranged kills (can also help versus "shoot spikes on death" monsters, which can kill us in no time if we don't pay attention).

-We use vaal Blade Vortex and Righteous Fire to burst, gain external dps sources and huge boost to spell power. Very useful for bossing, immortal syndicate or legion packs.

-A last note about vaal molten shell, this is the most powerful defensive buff we have in our setup, if you learn to use it efficiently it'll save you a lot from death(s).
This spell takes a % of your total armor and somehow convert it as a "shield" which absorb a tons of damage (13500 in my case) during 20s~. Heavy damage incoming ? No problem ! Use your granite flask, trigger the spell and enjoy :D
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Why not onslaugh or arcane surge in the gem setups ?
You can use them in your leveling, not a problem.
At higher level we got various alternatives. For exemple, my boots are modded with onslaught/movement but it is possible to get onslaught with an abyss jewel.
I didn't include arcane surge support gem because it procs when we spend mana and with devouring diadem and Eldritch Battery it won't work since we spend ES. Our bow and watcher's eye make the proc trivial, on kill & on hit.

How much elemental resistances should I aim for ?
If you want to counter Elemental Weakness mod, your goal is to reach 109%.

How can you craft this bow ?
demondied1 wrote:

Anyone looking to make the bow just use Aetheric fossils in a single resonator on an ilvl 50 short bow. You can use alterations prior to fossils to try and get the mod 18% reduced attribute requirements to make it easier to hit 4 blue 1 green 1 red colours. Using 1 blue craft on the crafting bench should take around 300-400 chromes with this mod. You can get a ilvl 50 6L short bow for cheap with the porcupine divination cards.

Your goal is to have a bow with 20% spell damage mod and 2 open prefixes with 1 open suffix. You may need to use annulment orbs to get a bow like this if you hit say 20% spell damage with 3 suffixes, just hope you hit a suffix and not the 20% spell damage.

Once you have a bow with 20% spell damage and 2 open prefix 1 open suffix you can craft cannot roll attack mods (which blocks all mods except +1 gems) for 1 exalt and then use an exalted orb for guaranteed +1 socketed gems. Then you just craft prefixes cant be changed and scour the bow.

Double check you have 2 suffixes before crafting cannot roll attack mods or you can accidentally exalt a suffix mod!

What is the total price for this bow ?
If you start from a 6L bow with right colors and "Socketed skills deal 20% more spell damage", 1 open suffix and 2 open prefixes :
- 1ex for "Cannot roll attack modifiers"
- 1ex to get "+1 level to socketed gems"
- 2ex for "Prefixes cannot be changed" + 1 orb of scouring
- 2ex for multimod
- 2ex for "+2 to level of socketed support gems"
- 1 divine for chance to deal double damage
- 4c for cast speed + arcane surge
Total = 8ex~

Special thanks for contributing to improve this guide !
- Catharsis
- demondied1
- luckymdawg
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GOOD Build i like this
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Thank you XGrandAspira !

Just updated some informations and added Pit of the Chimera run video with Asenath's gloves.
Build looks great! What would you estimate he build costs to make? Would you recommend the unique helmet, or try and craft something onto a helm with the duration enchantment?
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n33d2 wrote:
Build looks great! What would you estimate he build costs to make? Would you recommend the unique helmet, or try and craft something onto a helm with the duration enchantment?

Hi! You can start with a couple of chaos and finish spending hundreds of ex too.

A random 6L bow with the right sockets is about 15c and most of the leveling uniques can be find for 1alch-3c. Unfortunalety, Devouring Diadem cost raised a bit since the last time I checked.

You'll need it with high level gems in a 6L setup, at this time BV will be too expensive and with our mana reserved for auras it'll be a problem. With Eldricht Battery from the helm and Heart of Flame passive, you spend ES instead of mana and leech it with fire damage, it solves everything. To me this unique is mandatory past a certain point.
The enchant is a QOL, not mandatory. Got mine late and it was fine without it :)

I play this build since the start of Legion and had no trouble to progress in the story and grind the first atlas maps even with bad gear. From here I farmed currencies for a while with a 5L setup bow and upgraded gradually my gear.

Hope this helps !
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Any thoughts on Elementalist/Chieftain Scion with Avatar of fire for immunity to Elemental Reflect? Tradeoff is the added chaos damage scaling and Flame's Advance - Maybe a little more convenient for mapping though?

You can compensate the missing DPS with +1 curse amulet (since we can't use chaos conversion anymore) and elemental weakness gloves corruption.
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Can You tell me how you crafted the bow?

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