3.7.3 Patch Notes

Anyone saw general indicator so far?
How it looks like?

A month too late. I really hoped the crash would be fixed so I could play, but now I feel it's too far in to the league for me to care ablout it.
Here is my experience with the newest patches.

5 days ago the largest patch was waiting. Over the next several days they've had updates concerning lots of issues.

When they started I had constant never ending lag, rubber banding, and constant crashes.

After 5 days I've been playing about 8 hours a days without the slightest problem except the disconnects.

Even they have almost stopped. I crash only now and then say one in ten rather than constantly, several times each hour.

Keep up the Good Work GGG. You are the GREATEST.
After this update game started crashing like three times per hour.. only for me?
I get disconnected like every 3-4 map because "Failed to connect to instance".
Wouldnt be that bad but even after relog i cant join the map. (RIP a few nice 120%+ qant maps :/)
The only thing i can do is open a new map.
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I can tell that the General Indicator is a Purple Stream towards the Generals Location, sorta Tentacle Looking thing. Problem is, it seems to only appear when u actually find the General, not earlier. Rendering the whole Thing Pointless. Is that just happening to me? Unfreezing the General to see the Indicator sure isnt the Idea here.
Was "The Primordial" divination card drop rate changed in this patch?
Just wanted to say thank you, GGG. Since this patch, all of the client crashing issues my friends and I had have stopped completely. It's finally back to its stable self again. Threw y'all some of my steam money as a more material thank you, but also wanted to say thanks here. Y'all rock. <3
Added a visual indicator near the Monolith if either faction in a Legion encounter contains a General.

Nope. Useless. Too much time lost before indicator shows up.
On Breach league there was a pre-encounter indicator where the big hand chest was. Now that was a usefull indicator.
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Crash Fixes
Fixed a client crash that occurred when using Flicker Strike.
Fixed a client crash that could occur when using various Melee skills (including Flicker Strike)


Right now got crash during attacking Legion monsters. Overall there are less crash after 3.7.3 but still it's freaking frustrating gameplay with Flicker this league... I died 2-3 times because of freeze game.

Support not even respond me since 3 days.. cmon GGG will you fix this since the end of league?

I'm loosing patience on every crash :/
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