3.7.3 Patch Notes

You don't fix the pantheon :/ i can't finish my Pantheon because Solaris bug.. fixe it please :p
Last edited by Tarens59 on Jun 28, 2019, 1:25:55 AM
Golems still not spawning properly 2 of 3 times.
Steam downloading 2.6gb wtf Oo
So many fixes, spent more time updating than playing, I need better net XD
Nice that u patch everything that goes wrong, But not everyday please,

I takes ages for me to download patches even if they are small.

Iam not gonna pay for an SSD just to play this game.
This is getting unreasonable.
Please release your fixes in larger chunks once a week at most.

Sick of downloading 2.6gb nearly every day.
does this mean we can finally play flicker strike?
ign _aintnosunshine

Nur wer gegen den Sturm kotzt hat Mut
Fixed a bug where the "x% increased Zombie Resistances" modifier on Mon'tregul's Grasp unique Void Sceptre instead granted a flat amount of Chaos Resistance to Zombies. It now grants Elemental Resistances as well.

6 pages and not 1 comment about this?? Unreal..

This sceptre has been bugged since 0,11,5? September 6, 2013? Is this correct?

How is it possible that no one has detected this in 6 years?

I played a zombiemancer in betrayal league and killed über elder for the first time. Wonder if my zombies had max resists then?

Last edited by kompaniet on Jun 28, 2019, 3:42:22 AM
GeeKroP wrote:
Pls, dominating Blow fixed or no ?

So far it looks like it ! Not a single crash in half an hour, in lockstep mode.

Edit : 2 hours and several maps done now, still no crash !
Please. No more labyrinth.
Last edited by patirce on Jun 28, 2019, 4:53:14 AM
Still getting "kicked for too many actions" when holding down cyclone and leap slamming.

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