[3.7] The Human Blender - Double Malice Ice Nova w/ Avatar Of Fire!

With this build being Avatar of Fire and Crit Multi being so important, Snowforged is quite worth it to get using pathing points; being directly next to Throatseeker and both the Fire and Cold damage increases on minor nodes contributing. I'd say Golem's Blood, Constitution, Disciple of the Unyielding, Disciple of the Slaughter, Soul of Steel are all strong options. % Life is good because of the lower life pool available to the build. Charisma might open up some variations. Disciple of the Forbidden is actually pretty weak for me since I don't take any of the extra power charges.

15ApS is less hard than I expected once you have good jewels and fill out all of the tree. Sacrificing attack speed to get more DPS is certainly a possibility; reaching 15ApS is *not* important if it's inefficient. It's only important that you don't exceed 15ApS.

Fire leech corruption on the Effigon is definitely important; but you can also get it on a helm too. Anoints made the Amulet slot wayyyy less cut-and-dry and way harder to perfect. I've bought quite a few Effigons to try and corrupt into Fire Leech and never hit one; adding in a Gold oil anoint to that process is very painful.
Hi, I just wanted to post and say thank you for this build! It is the most fun character that I have played in a long time! My build is heavily tweaked from yours but your build is what inspired my own and I love it. I was able to use this character earlier today to get my very first ever Uber Elder kill and it felt great!

I play in standard so I have access to legacy items and so I chose to use a legacy Pyre ring to convert all cold to fire rather than going with avatar of fire and cold-to-fire gems. I replaced cold-to-fire in the cyclone links with inspiration but I am not sure what to replace the cold-to-fire gems in the swords with. What would you recommend to place into the swords instead? Also, you say to aim for exactly 15aps when dual wielding cospris but no matter what I tweak, I always end up with 14.93aps or 15.15aps. Is there something that I am doing wrong or is getting exactly 15aps not actually achievable?

Thank you again for the amazing build!
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Glad to hear it! Pyre does seem like an efficient way to convert.

For the links, Inspiration would probably be the choice; Inspiration Charges don't do anything to skills that are not linked to Inspiration. And no, getting 15ApS exactly is virtually impossible; don't worry about it, just get close without going over.

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