3.7.0b Patch Notes (Restartless)

please look into a crash involving cwdt convocation with dominating blow/herald of purity minions. don't know if thats the exact cause but anytime my cwdt goes off and i have all my minions out i crash like 40% of the time.
This fixed all my crashes, very nice job GGG. <3
How to download client and where to download patches
Looking forward to more fixes. Thanks for the hard work.

I'm really enjoying the league, but ever since I've hit maps, I'm just crashing every 1-2 minutes, which really frustrates me and made me stop playing for now x.x

Edit: Random dude on youtube told me to unsocket my Ancestral Call. Had less crashes now.

Edit2: Crashes are back on Lookout map. Can't even get past the first bridge.(Seems to be the only map were it crashes hard. Playing Flicker Zerker, might be a reason as well)

Edit3: Instant crashes as soon as I touch acceleration shrines. Might be actually related to Blitz stacks allowing me to perform way too many actions for the client?
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When are the issues with channeling and the Shaper cutscenes going to be fixed? I have fully given up on playing until that's fixed :(
Fix the bug when you kill a bos on a map which effected by shaper/elder time outs you for to many acctions or even crash the client. its so annoing..
was excited, tested out if flicker doesn't crash the game. ran 1 aquaduct and crashed LUL

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