3.7.0b Patch Notes (Restartless)

the client crash when legion mobs are about to break might not be fully fixed yet, just crashed.
Turning players into payers. Anti NPC-Echo chamber.

"I never say anything to provoke, but I do provoke to say something."

There's great potential in this forums.. if you're looking for comedians.
NM.. CPU reset cleared error.
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Thanks for all your hard work devs of GGG!
Loving the league so far, but can you fix trade please? It is literally impossible to trade right now. The API hasn't updated in like 8 hours.
crashes are super annoying
Found out about these crush fixes through the crush lmao
so when does legion flash back event start? because this league sucks bad. "melee buffed, but slow as CRAP"

Well it's benched till event league! Cya garbage league
On steam, the patch doesn't complete anymore, so the game can not start (see steam discussions) ^^
Then before that, in game, they were plenty of crash, and I play hardcore, it's very... annoying.
League is ok, but the Quality of Software... damn... make more tests before send to production...
What happen ? We were used to have better quality.
21 GB hot fix like rly? Patch have 6 GB and hot fix is 3 times biger. Something is rly wrong whit this. I end in morning on lvl 38 or something and now on my acc seems like i have char on lvl 2 if this is rollback......
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scorching ray totem targeting next plllx

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