3.7.0b Patch Notes (Restartless)

Fixed a client crash when Legion monsters engage in combat.

got 2 crashes today, seems not to be fixed yet.
2 days, 50 random crashes...

Cant get past Prison lvl 1, ACT 1...

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Crashes dont fix! =_= Dont farm legion? Played on standart?.....
I've now tried to update the game two times and each time Steam has failed...disappointed to have lost potential hours at the start of a league that seemed to be pretty cool
And Im out.. crashing while playing melee, in a league that was meant to change and help melee.. no thanks.. Tired of dying in hardcore due to crashes all the time....
So many crashes today alone. zZzZz
Getting less crashes, but sometimes they still happen. Playing Essence Drain/Contagion, not unusual for me to break out every single monster in the obelisk, and every time I do that I hold my breath.

Had one crash today, in the Oasis (where Shakari boss is in the story) after a massive break out of monsters. So far no others, and it's better than it was yesterday.
I LOVE this league! Thank you, GGG!! :D
Still getting some crashes when legion timer goes to zero, and legion mobs are set free.
Romados wrote:
NunoCachulo wrote:
DiceeciD wrote:
Please fix the Movement not working if you issue a move command during cyclone, when cyclone ends and you move it then stops autoupdating and you have to click again and it feels really janky.



Please and thank you.

This pretty much ruins the experience for me. It would be perfect if it wasn't for this small detail.
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