3.7.0b Patch Notes (Restartless)

Multistrike with bladestorm? will you wix it?
Nice, i got 2 crashes before... one from legion monsters starting to engage and one from Fairgraves - both have been fixed :)
IGN: Wildernezz
I had 5 crashes today, one of which was the fairgraves issue. The other ones happened during melee combat using chain hook (/w multistrike). Its okay, when a waypoint is nearby. Annoying when not :/
Amazing reaction time. Let's hope it stops crashing, was using molten strike + ancestral call and the game became crashing like crazy (not particularly when I was engaged in combat, thought) in some areas. Glad I'm not playing hardcore :p

Keep up the good work, praise QA \o/
NunoCachulo wrote:
NaarJitsu wrote:
DiceeciD wrote:
Please fix the Movement not working if you issue a move command during cyclone, when cyclone ends and you move it then stops autoupdating and you have to click again and it feels really janky.




Please and thank you.
I play summ-witch and take gamecrash w/o reason. In town, in map out of combat etc. This new patch didnt help :/
Me and others are getting "bad gateway error" on this poe main site sometimes since yesterday. Is it just because of the amount of people online?

Possible to get a 5 slot map device? If so, how?

you have kicked for perfoming too many actions please fix this.
ingemarp86 wrote:
you have kicked for perfoming too many actions please fix this.

Please, uninstall clicker.
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3 chars lost due to client crash when Legion monsters engage in combat.
It doesn't crash all the time, but monolith not really HC playable in state...

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