[3.7] Crit Tectonic Slam Chieftain, Oni Goroshi SSF / League starter Passive Tree

Vmitsu wrote:
How about auras? I have checked and you are not using a single one.

Auras are worth experimenting with and can vary depending on how much offense or defense you want, and how much mana regen you have. In this build I like Herald of Ash, Herald of Purity, Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone, and a low Precision (I think mine is at 2.) That combination requires a level 3 Enlighten, and some additional mana regen or a - mana modifier on a ring or chest. It's also a little harder with TS because TS costs 10 mana where CP costs 8.

Which build should I follow? I'm still lvl 40, so I go for V3 DPS or leveling one?

Everything is about balancing your offense and defense. Offense can also be a great defense if you really know how to run the character and can move fast. If you are just getting started, you may find that you want the tankier build to reduce deaths. I like the DPS build but remember I am Consecrated Path, which enables me to keep up my endurance charges.

As you level, you'll find times when you start to feel like you need more damage, or more defense, or more life/mana recovery, or whatever. With experience you will learn to sense those things and make adjustments in your passives, gems or auras to compensate. I like to make one big adjustment at the end of Act 5 and another at the end of Act 10, since you have to adjust your resistances then as well.

It will probably take playing several characters over more than one league to really get a feel for fine-tuning your character. Don't get frustrated - just keep playing and "studying" the game.

I really should level CWDT, Immortall Call and Wave of Conviction as you said? Rake's build let them on lvl 1.

This is very personal preference. I think my CWDT is at 12. I have IC and SteelSkin on it. This means they only kick in when I take a big chunk of damage. I prefer to self cast WoC because I use it proactively to apply Warlord's Mark (through the ring) or set up tougher packs for a one-shot kill.
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Is the build Uber Elder viable with Oni?
Depends on player knowledge of the fight. Certainly has enough damage. My experience with the Tec Slam version was that it wasn't very tanky since TS burns endurance charges for DPS. I switched to Cons Path which can use almost exactly the same gear and passives, but is tankier for some loss of AoE damage. (You can still one-shot whole packs, but probably not a whole screen depending on placement.)

It may be that there's a way to solve the TS charge sink; I just enjoyed playing CP so much I didn't try. But with CP, you could certainly do uber elder on a budget Oni version. It won't win any speed contests for the fight, but that's the difference between a 2-3 ex build and 20 to 30 ex.

Ok i switched from Rake's TS into this build, because i feel so paper. First question, where is attack speed, because TS is pretty low speed with Kaomi's, Oni, and this passive tree. Second question what about mana. I wear my old rings and necklace with mana regen and it is still low, and i have 50% dps of Rake's build. I feel more tankier in this build, but rest - especially clear speed, dps above T7 maps is rly bad. Btw. i spend all my currency for this and i have bad feelings for now.
Your account shows no characters, so no idea what your problems might be.

I'm using a similar passive tree to this one with Oni and Consecrated Path and maybe 3 ex total cost of gear/jewels/flasks, with almost half of that being for Oni. No problems cleaning up everything through t15; just haven't got around to doing the guardians. More AS than I have would not help as my mana can just about support what I'm doing.

Clear speed is great (CP and Leap Slam) and DPS shows about 1.8M Shaper with flasks up. It's got the best offense and defense of any build I've done in three leagues. The play style with CP is definitely a bit different vs TS, but you can easily change out the gem if you want to compare.

If you're able to post a PoB it would be easier to comment.

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i just started SSF in legion about 2-3 weeks ago with an EQ jugg and loving it. but my plans for next league were to start with oni-goroshi. i wanted to keep using EQ but you can't with swords so i was thinking about what to use.

i figured on tectonic slam, initially thinking as jugg, but quickly remembering how chieftain got buffed and is good now. my friend also suggested consecrated path because thats what he wants to play.

after figuring a tree and ideas in PoB i looked on the forums to see if anyone is playing a build similar. i found Rake's guide but was quickly uninterested in some of his choices, and then i found this one...and SSF friendly one. nice!!

i haven't used tectonic slam much but does it really eat up the endurance charges much? i almost certainly wouldn't be able to have the helmet enchant.
i was planning on using warlord's mark on hit with elder ring (eventually) to sustain endurance charges while mapping, then just having an enduring cry for boss encounters if i end up going low.
my planned tree also has 7 charges.

theoretically TS should have significantly more dps than CP but most likely worse clearing/mobility. any clarification on this comparison?

either way im going to be making the build next league as my starter, almost 100% guaranteed.
even if its not the build i fully optimize and deck out, just getting that 6L so early on to farm through the game until you can get better stuff or gear for another build...just too good to pass up.

its a bit comforting seeing that my ideas has been done before, anyway. basically a proof of concept. fairly similar tree as well

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