Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

Devilwar wrote:
why is it so hard to realy "balance" something ofc now occu is not playable anymore nice work GGG.... still hyped for new laegue i guess? ;)

Vile Bastion for 2 points is insanity
I dont like the Multistrike nerf, and i dislike how you made is more like Ruthless.

what i love about melee is the very high attack speed that couldnt be achieved with spell.
Multistrike have a big part of making attacks fast.
i hope there will be more ways to get attack speed high enough.

because slow attacks just feels bad and i rather play a spell build instead.

also the nerf to warlords mark is weird.
as a caster, warlords mark was almost the only way to leech life.
there are no life leech nodes on the passive tree for spells.

are you forcing us to only play ES casters?
Auras bot that fled
Segus1992 wrote:
BlaqWolf wrote:

They've gone and attacked defensive mechanics in pretty much every section there... Meaning they're relying much, much more heavily on one shots and burst damage to kill the top tier elite nolifers.
Which means pretty much everyone else is f*ed.

Not very smart, are you? A reduction in available defensive mechanics means people will have to invest more into defense, thus reducing oneshot mechanics by default. Furthermore, having weaker defensive mechanics means they don't have to balance around them anymore, meaning mobs can do less damage without being too weak.

Do you really believe that they will reduce monster damage?
Well, prepare to be disappointed...
"War's over, soldier. You just don't know it yet. Everybody lost."
MULTI STRIKE IS DEAD - it's still as before, u cant cancel its animation - and now it has less attack speed, so the animation lasts longer - dunno how this is IMPROVEMENT to MELEE BUILDS....its straight out saying : "WE DON'T WANT MULITSTRIKE TO BE PLAYED" period.

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If decision to lower ES was made instead of buffing life - I feel you now should reduce the damage of mobs. To prevent path of one shits.
HYPED AF!!! Can't w8 3 more days :>

I see alot of b....'s crying in here, the salty tears taste so goood!

Yes they nerfed it cus it was tooo daaaamn goood get over it grills:>

Most of the Stuff is lookin really good. 2 things im not really happy with tho.

1.) Trickster Nerf - reducing atk & cast speed from 12% per shroud to ?%
together with the Duration seems very forced on a class that has almost no
dmg in it at all.
Especially compared to how busted Occultist - Pathfinder and Guardian are.
It of course depends on how big the nerf is going to be but the class was
reworked straight up before last league because it was terrible and not
played at all.

2.) Bane Nerf - here it also depends on how big the nerfs are but the skill was
barly able to hit the treshhold for t16s on a strong commited build. And
Bane is a skill that is utter garbage if you cant hit that sweet spot of
everything dying on the first bane. I could throw up when i see RF beeing in
the zone for 3 years straight getting buff after buff but then we bash on
bane which has been available for 1 league.

I might be overreacting be as i know GGG and their nerfs - Bane might be dead.

Madace wrote:
HYPED AF!!! Can't w8 3 more days :>

I see alot of b....'s crying in here, the salty tears taste so goood!

Yes they nerfed it cus it was tooo daaaamn goood get over it grills:>

shhh! payed chat bot . lol :))))) u think ur gonna get a free trash mtx from the devs if u say good things about what people already know its trash ?


"You can no longer craft any local item quality modifiers on Boots, Gloves and Helms" =))))))))

This update will be a NERF update - not a melee improvement, not even an actual update...this will be rememberd as Nerf 3.7

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Oh, I see it now.
3.7 changes was sponsored by Grim Dawn!

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