Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

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Dense Fossil's got rekt the only reason people were using those was for the ES suffix. xD

Nerf's all the way arround ROFL good that I am playing melee most of the time anyway's.

Melee for President!

juo wrote:
Mulistrike nerf and cyclone skill-type buffs feel like a deterministic push towards those skills.

Attacking fast and moving quickly is the only way to play well in a league like Legion.

Channeling through all the mobs seems to be the way they want us to explore the melee changes.


don't think multistrike is a nerf. Does more damage on third hit and a lot of skills have faster base attack speed. Seems like this will synergize pretty well with Ruthless.
I was hoping for bleed to be better so I could justify league starting with a gladiator build. if bleed is still a weak mechanic, you should show glad more love by giving charge generation against bleeding enemies instead of on kill. this simple change would stop the community from crying about how underwhelming the glad change feels. GGG, pls. trickster gets charges from channeling, why doesn't glad get it thematically, too? aren't gladiators supposed to be fierce 1 v 1 fighters?
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Justjoshin wrote:
For the enchantments discussion. Why not have the enchantments you can get more heavily weighted toward skills that you currently have equipped in any slot on your gear when you touch the font and choose helmet enchant?

People would just clear the zone and remove everything except one skill to manipulate the results.

NoIguanaForZ wrote:

I guess I should be buying a new computer every six months, investing in a T1 line (are those still a thing?), and playing one of the "THREE MILLION DAMAGE" meta builds instead of trying to experiment, enjoy the game, and develop characters with a consistent, satisfying flavor or theme.

T1 lines are pretty much the common fare these days (100mb/s+) Fiberoptic lines are pretty common in metro areas offering upwards of 1gb/s.

And, yeah, GGG is solely - SOLELY - focused on the superfarmer nolifers, the rest of the player base can go fuck itself. They futilely design to challenge that very, very small segment of the population to the detriment of the rest, rather than dynamically scaling things to challenge those individuals.
Patch Notes 3.15:
Fixed a bug where players believed the game was playable. This has been corrected and made retroactive.
Patch Notes 3.19:
Fixed a bug where players adapted to 3.15. This bug cannot be corrected, so we have implemented a 90% reduction in item access as a punishment.
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XD Soulrend too powerful?
Guess we're playing a different game.

After HEAVY INVESTMENT to make it lv33 Soulrend, the dps is still like 1/10 of Worb. Soulrend is by no means doing too much dm, it just good for clearing regular maps due to its radius.
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On the other end of the scale, Abyssal Jewels were providing far more added damage to attacks than we were happy with, making them a far, far greater contributor to damage than your weapon. We've lowered the value of attack damage modifiers to be about 30% lower than before, and made it harder to obtain the highest tiers of all types of added damage.

Players-Melee is broke, please fix it
GGG-OK, lets start by nerfing the jewels that actually help them the most
Players-What in the flying fucks
Certain very powerful unique items will be harder to obtain now. This includes Headhunter

Heh, been playing pretty regularly since open beta started with some breaks here and there and I still haven't found a headhunter. :D
I'm reading stuff that was already shown, a lot of nerfs and a decent amount of ''we didn't finish this in time so we postponed it instead of releasing it now''. While i think the latter is smart, i just hope that what is released is actually finished and working as intended.

I'm a bit worried, but we'll see.
Guys remember this game is supposed to be hard.
It wasn't anymore with ES, WOrb, etc... so they did nerf it. I think it's fair. Skills should be balanced so the top 100 ladder is not just 2-3 skills.
I mean really, opening 8mods 4sextant t16 and running tru it in 1 minute only using your mouse while eating a sandwich and watching TV was not supposed to happen.

Kharver wrote:
Nice changes GGG!

All the whining about ES and Occ is funny. Will still be plenty viable just not Holy *&@! OP insanity.

That's the thing. I play that for the character I think of as my "main" one, the only one I envisioned trying to get to level 100 and do most of the advanced endgaem stuff with and it ISN'T Holy *&@! OP insanity.

Maybe for "top tier nolifers" as someone so aptly put it a couple page ago, but my experience is "survivable enough to actually be enjoyable." If that's your idea of "OP"...
Awakened Combustion Support when?

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