[UPDATED!] [3.7] SUNDERMAN BUILD (Insane Clearspeed + Super EZ + Endgame) (Gladiator)


All 3 main skills (Sunder, Leap Slam and Vaal Ancestral Warchief) are buffed, added with some changes I did, now build is much better in 3.7! DPS is increased, but the most important change is to Leap Slam's speed. It's incredible now! You can check Leap Slam speed in 3.7 vs. 3.6 in videos section below. I will keep on improving the build and will be updating the build guide each time when I do. You can check changes below at times to see if I made an update or not.

Improvements I made in 3.7:
Herald of Ash buff is replaced with Blood and Sand, and Painforged ascendancy is replaced with Arena Challenger. DPS increased after these changes, but more importantly, Leap Slam became much faster thanks to Challenger charges. (09.06.2019)
Did some changes to Passive Tree and got %11 more block chance and %50 increased block recovery to compensate for %8 block chance lost when we change Painforged ascendancy, now we have %28 block chance in total. Also got %5 more life too. All these passive tree changes are at the cost of %1 total dps. (10.06.2019)
Since attack speed was more than enough after Challenger charges for Sunder, I changed Faster Attacks support with Maim support and this gave Sunder %10 dps increase. (11.06.2019)
In meta gear version, Vaal Ancestral Warchief had it's Maim support changed with Bloodlust and this increased it's dps by %11. (11.06.2019)
In required gear version, I changed the old rare amulet with a Carnage Heart because having an amulet like that was challenging at start. Meta gear version's amulet stays the same. (12.06.2019)
Added some new info and fixed some wrong ones. Build mechanics and levelling sections are much more detailed now. Also levelling will happen faster and build will do better in Legion encounters with these added infos.(18.06.2019)

3.7 patch changes that affected the build:
Buffs to the build:
Sunder is buffed! It's base damage is increased from %182 to %220. Also it's length is 1/4 longer now. It's attack speed has a %10 nerf.
Leap Slam now always stuns and knocks back full life enemies. Each pack we leap on will be fully stunned before we attack!
Vaal Ancestral Warchief now has %10 more attack speed.
Fortify duration is increased by %34.
Ruthless support's both melee and bleed damage is increased from %113 to %132. We use this on sunder.

Both buff and nerf:
Multistrike's attack speed is nerfed from %94 to %44. It now deals %50 more damage on each second hit, and %99 more damage on each 3rd hit. Multistrike also has problems since 3.7 launch, but those problems doesn't affect this build because of leap+sunder playstyle where Sundering happens standing still.

Nerfs to the build:
Immortal Call doesn’t grant immunity now. Instead gives %35 Physical and %34 Elemental damage reduction. Can go up to %80 Physical damage reduction if 3 endurance charges spent for it. It's duration is improved from 0.4 to 1 seconds as well that goes up to 1.6 seconds if 3 endurance charges spent.
%4 less attack speed now in ascendancy points.


Sunderman build is a combination of easiness to play and being able to do most of the endgame stuff at a high efficiency thanks to it's super fast clearspeed. It’s an all-round build designed to do your daily stuff like mapping, delving, incursions, uber labs, betrayal, red elder etc. efficiently. It's also super easy to manage, a complete noob friendly build. Even if you haven’t played Path of Exile before, or even any action rpg game before, you’ll have no problems managing this build.

Build is mainly based on clearing huge packs of mobs both as fast and easy as possible, using Leap and Sunder. Attack speed on everywhere possible will make us travel fast with leap, then blast the whole screen with Sunder’s huge aoe and Gladiator’s bleed explosion combined. Our bleed explosions come from Gladiator’s Gratuitous Violence ascendancy skill. Then Soul taker on offhand makes attack skills don’t spend any mana which allows us to completely forget about what mana is and also allows us to fill up our mana reserve with buffs. Also we use Vaal Ancestral Warchief for bosses/single targets.


I highly suggest watching the video because I thought making a video including all details about the build would be more explanative compared to writing everything on the guide here. So video has much more content and more details than here. You can also see how the build performs in real life in the video with both gears here too. Please note that video is made in 3.6, and doesn't include the changes in 3.7.


UPDATE: Build's Leap Slam speed increase after changes I did in 3.7, compared to 3.6:



Insane Clearspeed (Even faster in 3.7!)
Super EZ to run (Even for first timers)
Can kill Atziri, Guardians, Red Elder, Shaper, Mastermind (0 death)
Cheap to get it up and running, not too expensive to meta
Top class Uber Lab runner (Check below for ladder scores**)
Perfect league starter
Fun to play (packs explode all at once!)

** 9th: https://www.pathofexile.com/ladder/labyrinth/Standard/4/1559260800

** Top20 2 days in a row:

More oriented to fast clearspeed than boss killing
Cannot kill Uber Elder, cannot kill AUL
Can’t run Physical Reflect maps

Some additional info: Elemental Reflect maps are runnable if careful about pots and for Players Cannot Regenerate Life and Mana map mod, just don’t activate Blood Rage it’ll run fine.


Required Gear Version (lv90): https://pastebin.com/aiQsVNED
Meta Gear Version (lv96): https://pastebin.com/kt7UasRF


Bandit: Oak
Ascendancies(in order to get): Blood in the Eyes, Gratuitous Violence, Arena Challenger, Outmatch and Outlast

Passive Trees:
Level 40: www.poeurl.com/csAP
Level 60: www.poeurl.com/csAR
Level 76: www.poeurl.com/csAH
Level 90: www.poeurl.com/csk6
Level 96: www.poeurl.com/crMb
Level 100: www.poeurl.com/crMc


Major God: Lunaris
Minor God: Ryslatha


On this part I'll be explaining the gear part only with gems being on the gear. For more info about skill gems, please watch the video(14:17).

1) Required Gear(cheaper) to Run The Build and it’s Gem Setup:


On the main hand we need an axe that has dps as high as you can afford. Then it needs to have attack speed as high as possible.

We need Soul Taker on off-hand to be able to use Leap and Sunder(attack skills) indefinitely, also fill mana reserve with Blood and Sand, Hatred and Arctic Armor.

We’re gonna use Devoto as helm mainly because of attack speed and movement speed it has. We’re mostly moving with leap but we still need movement speed too. Our enchant needs to be Sunder Damage.

We need a 6-link Belly of the Beast and run Sunder on it. We use Belly because we need all the affixes here and 6-link belly prices dropped a lot in recent months. You can use a 5-link until you get a 6-link and remove Concentrated Effect gem. Here you might have noticed we're still using Multistrike, because it's still powerful after the nerf. Also animation cancelling problem Multistrike has now doesn't affect our build because we're doing leap+sunder and staying in place when Sundering. You can check the video for more details about this playstyle(0:13).

Here we need Spiked Gloves having physical damage, attack speed and life, and then the required resists. There's also another option, which I'll be telling in meta gear version.

As for boots we need triple resists, movement speed and life. We also need the enchant "Increased Attack and Cast Speed If You've Killed Recently" because we'll be constantly leaping and killing.

Here we need triple resists, life, and then craft %increased damage on it.

As for rings we need intelligence for Concentrated Effect gem on Sunder, physical damage and life on both rings, and then needed resists. Here you need to craft increased damage or attack speed on at least one of them, depending on your need.

On neck we need a Carnage Heart until we get an amulet like the one in meta gear version.

2) Meta Gear(more expensive, same one I'm using) for The Build and it’s Gem Setup:

It's mostly same with the cheap version having higher damage, higher dps, better items, better min/maxing and faster leap gem setup. So I'll just tell the differences other than telling the setup right from the beginning.


A main hand weapon here with higher physical damage. A Soul taker on off-hand having increased attack damage against bleeding enemies implicit(this is not a must ofc). Here we put Vaal Ancestral Warchief to main hand weapon removing maim and move leap to gloves, because we're gonna make something special for leap on gloves.


Same. (Double corrupted implicits are not a requirement since they are expensive on bellies)

Here we need Elder Spiked Gloves having faster attacks support and attack speed elder mods on it. These elder mods are huge bonuses to leap. And faster attacks being on the item grants us the possibility to add 1 more support gem(removing faster attacks). As support, we have Ice Bite for %15 chance to freeze and Culling strike support for %10 more attack speed to leap. And when a boss has %10 or less health, Culling Strike gives us the ability to kill the boss with a single leap. The only downside is we lose Maim Support on Vaal Ancestral Warchief, but when items are this good, damage of Vaal Ancestral is more than enough to sacrifice some of it for faster mobility, which results in faster clearspeed.

Here we got a legacy Two-Toned(still fine if not legacy) to be able to get some resists on the implicit, then pick two resists, life and movement speed so we can craft "Non-Vaal skill deal %60 increased damage during soul gain prevention" crafted mod so this way we have %60 more damage when our Vaal Ancestral Warchief is active and soul gain prevention is running(those red chain appearing on skill logo, 9 seconds in total) which is a good improvement for bosses. Also Vaal Ancestral Warchief buffs us too, so these two combine and make the magic happen. In required gear version, we can't craft this mod because of prefixes and suffixes there.

Stygian instead of Rustic Sash here. Same triple resists and life with better rolls, and armor is a nice addition if you can have.

Rings with better rolls, both having intelligence. Here one craft needs to be increased damage, other can be increased damage or attack speed depending on your needs or situation of prefixes/suffixes.

On neck here we need to change Carnage Heart on required gear version with a rare amulet for higher DPS and more life. We need intelligence, physical damage, life, and at least 1 percent life leech. And then required resistances.

3) Flasks:


These will be our main flasks for required gear. For meta gear version change Lion's Roar with a legacy one since they're still not so expensive. The one in the middle is going to change with the ones below depending on the situation:

When more movement speed is required.
When chaos resistance is required.
When more physical damage reduction is required.
When Delving.
For bosses to buff Vaal Ancestral Warchief. This one for meta gear version bc there we need reduced soul gain prevention duration mod as low as possible(being 20) bc of crafted mod on boots. The more the soul gain prevention time, the more Sunder will have %60 more damage.
This one for reqiured gear version. Because there we need reduced soul gain prevention duration mod as high as possible(being 40) bc we can't craft that mod on those boots.
This one for magicfind.

Ofc you don't have to get all these, just get the ones you think you need to use in the middle slot.

4) Jewels:

You need damage, life and attack speed on jewels. If 4-mod, double damage.


On my setup, flasks buttons 345 are changed with buttons WER, blood rage is on T, leap on Q, and life flask buttons(1-2) are right on top of them. Pretty fast and easy to use. Blood and Sand is on button 3 for stance change, and other 2 buffs are somewhere else. I think for utility flasks, default 345 buttons here stay far a little and makes us lose time because we activate all utility flasks approximately each 5 seconds. That's why I made this setup for this build.

When running the build, we start with activating blood rage(T), then forget it. Then we start leaping and when we find a pack we press buttons WER in a row before sundering them so our utility flasks will be activated. We can press WER right before each big pack one time without counting or checking our buffs, because our flasks will fill up right after we kill them. If you want to count for more efficient play, its 5 seconds between each press. Then we keep on Leaping and Sundering until we find the next pack. We need to be in Sand Stance for Blood and Sand when clearing for Challenger charges.

For bosses we’ll be using Vaal Ancestral Warchief right before we start sundering bosses. For single-phase bosses we’ll just activate 2 totems at once and start sundering. For 2-phase bosses we’ll activate only 1 at first phase, fire until first phase ends, then at the 2nd phase, activate our 2nd ancestral totem and kill the boss. If there’s 3rd phase or more we need to wait for the souls to fill up again. Some bosses spawn monsters so our souls fill up easily but some bosses don’t so it fills up slower. Or some stages have monsters, some stages there’s only the boss, like the red elder. As well before fighting some bosses like elder, shaper, izaro; our vaal souls reset when we enter their domain so we have to wait for souls to fill up again to be able to use vaal ancestral. So you can make up your own strategy different for each boss. We need to be in Blood Stance for Blood and Sand when doing bosses for Challenger charges.

For Legion encounters, we need to activate 1 Vaal Ancestral Warchief totem right after mobs appear in frozen state and start Leaping and Sundering them. Totem will follow us around while damaging frozen mobs and activating them for 6 seconds. After 6 seconds, we need to activate our 2nd totem. This way, Vaal Ancestral Warchief totems will keep activating frozen mobs and give us %32 more melee damage for 12 seconds in a Legion encounter, which is 15 seconds in total.


We need to use Perforate until level 12 where we can start using Sunder, or we can also get it after The Siren's Cadence quest in act 1. For Leap Slam, we can start at level 10 or get it after The Caged Brute quest From Tarkleigh in act 1. But try to get movement speed on everything possible and use Quicksilver flask with added movement speed in lower levels instead of using Leap Slam. You can switch to Leap once it becomes fast enough with Faster Attacks support gem added and your attack speed is high enough. For single targets, we’ll use Double Strike until around level 30, then switch to Vaal Ancestral Warchief. For buffs, start using Blood and Sand at level 4, or get it after Breaking Some Eggs quest in act 1. Get Herald of Ash at level 16. We can change Herald of Ash with Hatred in level 24 or after Lost in Love quest in act 3. Use Blood and Sand and Hatred until level 59. If you have problems managing mana with these two, use Blood and Sand and Herald of Ash until you get Soul Taker. The Peregrine helm can also help with it's mana leech. At level 59, we can get Soul Taker and add Arctic Armor. We don't have to get Soul Taker as soon as we hit level 59, build will run fine with Blood and Sand and Hatred buffs for enough amount of time that we'll be able to buy a Soul Taker easily. Support gems for Sunder on 4-link should be Melee Physical Damage Support, Multistrike and Faster Attacks Support. For 5-link, assuming your attack speed will be fast enough and you have Arena Challenger ascendancy, you can use Melee Phys., Multistrike, Maim and Ruthless support gems. If your attack speed is still not fast enough, use Faster Attacks support instead of Maim support until your attack speed becomes fast enough that you can switch to Maim.

That’s all about levelling this build actually, because Sunder is one of the easiest skills to level with. As well, many melee builds use Sunder for levelling, so you don’t need to do anything special here. You can just level with self found items. But here are some items for you that can help with levelling if you want to make it even faster. Each category from lower to higher level requirements:



That’s all about Sunderman build. I hope you liked it and will enjoy playing it. I’ll keep on improving the build and will be updating the build guide page as the game evolves with new patches and items, so you can keep checking it to see possible future changes to the build.

If you see any misinformation or a way to improve the build, please don’t hesitate to post them here. As well if you have any questions about the build, just ask here, I’ll reply.

GL HF, and Happy Sundering!
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why didn't you take bloodletting?
Because it gives less dps compared to any other damage node in the tree(lv96 tree), when damage nodes are calculated with their small nodes added. That's because the build doesn't do much bleed damage in total(33k bleed dps compared to 414k total dps), so doesn't benefit much from %115 increased bleeding damage(improves 4.5k). Bleed is mostly there for the explosions. %40 Increased Attack Damage against bleeding enemies is much better here, which gives 14.4k more dps in total. But ofc you can sacrifice some life nodes or 2 aoe nods to get Bloodletting and deal more damage, like this for example:

Lv 96 Passive Tree: www.poeurl.com/coej

Also you can pick Blade Barrier instead of Bloodletting to have 3.5k less total dps, 3.3k less bleed dps and %7 more block chance(%26 in total) to be a little more defensive. I added this instead of Bloodletting in lv100 tree too. All numbers here are for meta gear version btw.

Update: Added Pob links for better info.
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will u update the build as soon as we get the patch notes
WAiiNz wrote:
will u update the build as soon as we get the patch notes

I'll update the build a day later at most after patch notes are announced. Just added current known changes regarding the build too. No changes required until now.

there was a new ascent :)
Now has an attack speed multiplier of 75% (previously had 15% less attack speed).
Here I do not understand the above information, the speed of the attack with a sunder will be higher?
ArhangelSkrDM wrote:
Now has an attack speed multiplier of 75% (previously had 15% less attack speed).
Here I do not understand the above information, the speed of the attack with a sunder will be higher?

Gonna be slower, 15% less attack speed means speed multiplier was (100% default -15% = 85%), now it is 10% less than that = 75%.
But you got more damage % to compensate.
They are changing all "less attack speed" into stadarized speed multiplier, so wording is same on all skills.

Sunder is very good for clear, that combination of overlaping novas, and triggering bleed explosions on top of it, works like charm, you can do this with gladiator or other melee class with haemophilia gloves. It clears and feels good, screens explode, more density = more damage, because there is more novas coming from sunder.
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How does this build do as a league starter assuming you can't get a Soul Taker right away? Does it clear okay without reserving 100% mana? Could you just remove arctic armor until you get one?
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Xeneron wrote:
How does this build do as a league starter assuming you can't get a Soul Taker right away? Does it clear okay without reserving 100% mana? Could you just remove arctic armor until you get one?

Until you get the Soul Taker, you shouldn't be reserving your whole mana. Go for the a mana leech node near Vaal Pact until you farm or trade the axe.

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