Synthesis Ascendancy Class Statistics

frostzor27 wrote:
Two words:

Winter Orb.

Wrong. The actual 2 words for 3.6 are: Eternity Shroud.
Who are the weirdos that play a level 90+ character that hasn't bothered to pick an ascendancy class?
I_NO wrote:
shoju wrote:
I'm curious why more people don't play Scion? It is hands down my favorite class.

It sucks ass now that's why

Overleech fucked
Budget even with combined nodes that you can mix match.

It's dookie.

I would say its because minimum play base clases ...

Nobody plays scion, because they already swiched to Ascendant :)
stronk breserker rocks at 0.256%
Which patch/patch note over buffed tricky bois?
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What have you done to my good old berserker PepeHands
Berserker > Witch!!!
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B - Balance
Let me say, as a lvl 87 Slayer in Synthesis, I hated this.

If you want to fix this, merge Endless Hunger with Brutal Fervor and give us something that prevents oneshots in late game.

It's no surprise people don't want to play the 2 melee ascendencies who don't get any damage mitigation.

Natalia_GGG wrote:
The most interesting thing to see here is the prominence of Witch over Shadow.

You got to be kidding me. The most interesting thing to see here is that around 5 of your ascendencies get completely rejected on all platforms and are played by virtually nobody.
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well well well whaddya know

Slayer 0.955%
Berserker 0.584%

This game has some serious balance issues!

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