Immortal Syndicate FFA Showcase

apparently you gave every member of the syndicate some shitty quinn zdps build apposed to what they actually have ingame and 1 shot me
That was awesome.
Bows OP. Ranger nerf incoming.

Good fun to watch - very happy to see them wasting each other in place of one of my janky builds =)
I like how you guys are working hard to fix our crashes doing a useful syndicate FFA :)

really like how you guys didnt even saw the topic i wrote like 15 days ago:

Riker EZ Maloney
Just your regular intervention encounter... nothing special to see here.
Some interesting aspects here:

Tora tend to live until near end and she's doing alot of damage.

Riker has some defensive maneuver that helps him survive cluster-fuck gangbang, so he won twice.
Would be interesting if the scale of the battle is way smaller.
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People that's the reality, normally the stronger for damage receive keeps in front, and the stronger in making damage stays behind. Fair battle, like old eras
I love when GGG does those fights
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Ever heard of a thing called "visual clarity"?

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