Immortal Syndicate FFA Showcase

Nerf bots and buff life + minions... ez win
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Its funny how people talk about melee en ranged being unbalanced regarding this outcome. Like current state of melee caused this lose. I think predicting that ranged units will win this battle is logical if you take stupidity of AI into account. Jaleous of their FPS during Syndicate fight though.
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Well that explains why i couldnt get into a iceberg map at all yesterday, ggg bricked all the instances at once Kappa. i would like to see one of these with the decently leveled hall of grandmaster chars, yeah might take awhile but would be pretty cool
Looks fun and i am left wondering if we could one day have something like this in the game.
No rewards, just the possibility to join in a massive NPC FFA and have some fun.
i wish my gtx1060 and i7 could handle the immortal syndicate this well
Huh, so it boiled down to the dodge/evasion characters with bows having a hard time hitting each other but simply being too good at outlasting their opponents...
Pleaseeeee Shaper guardians vs Elder Guardians
Who would had thought that boxing up and eating aoe damage from everyone was worse than standing looking at morons kill each other?
ITT: Over-designed stat-balls slam into each other at nauseating length until they pop.

Yeah, making it flashy doesn't make boss design any more interesting.
This is a buff™
Fight must be CG pre-rendered, i feel like this is Nvidia showing graphics we cannot have yet, because if this was recorded gameplay it would be 1fps.

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