3.6.4 Patch Notes


Depois da atualização 3.6.4 não é possível concluir uma transação no mercado.

Ao tentar concluir a troca o jogo da erro.


Getting blue screen when I accept a trade since update. Tried 3 times now.
ps4 accepting trade offer seems to crash console after latest patch
Crashing every time I accept a trade...(PS4)
3.6.4 patch Epic fail
This patch take game down
Can't trade any more
The game is broken now
LegendXVII wrote:
Appreciate all the hard work you are doing for us!

Looking forward for the issues with invading syndicate members crashing, or lagging, the game to be fixed! That is all I want tbh.

Syndicate members always lag the game, on PC as well. I can always tell when I'm on a syndicate map even before the first encounter because my performance gets slammed.

I hope they fix the constant CE-34878-0 crashing, personally. It's been brutal. So far, actually so good. I don't see anything specific about it, but maybe they did? I was getting them like every hour on average.
Haha. You all kind of had it fixed however with this latest patch you have gone and broke it again. Your fix it team is like tits on a bull. They must be from Oz trolling yews
The patch is so huge.

Please stop programming in Entish.
5,89 gb on Xbox... Thx

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