3.6.4 Patch Notes

Shhhhh there is no syndicate; pay no attention to the Blacksmith

Meanwhile, the new map drop stat in this patch is awesome I have done 6 maps with 24 chisels and not one map. Its awesome!

Keep up the good work!!

cut my load times for my dinosaur xbox to about a quarter of what they were. Thank you.
TY for the update.
About all that lags... I have some problems while playing in mid-large party play and on uber elder(sometimes). But the reason - i have crappy notebook, like really old one. Everything else... mb some spikes due to too many kills/shattering, but it's not like i can die in 0.1 sec with my builds, so that's all. SSD fixed 99% problems. Buy SSD and you could play even on potato.
Upvote for pal with low-quality textures idea.

PS: GGG, if you noticed this post, about no lightning totem bloodlines in mine... It's not really a fix, problem - ANY bloodline mod can be summoned, not just totems. In many cases we will not see the result, as some bloodlines do not show itself without creeps of that bloodline/corpses(shroud, fixed)/you interacting with them. But if we do not see it, it does not mean it is do not occur.
Thank you(for reading, no sarcasm).

PPS: sorry for possible grammar errors.
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u broke the game
Not sure where to post this, but been having this problem with my off hand not being visible.
Flaco_NIT wrote:
Not sure where to post this, but been having this problem with my off hand not being visible.

Console Bug Reports would be the best place if you think you found a bug. It would be useful to add more details though.
Imperial Terraces hideout: thread/2257515
Oriath Gardens hideout: thread/2325653

Forum moderation is pathetic. Removing this line from my signature without notifying me was just another proof of it.
Yes another shitty ass complaint about the lack of help from GGG.


I've spend several hundred American dollars on this game and have hundreds more I'd like to spend by GGG makes it impossible.

How? The HORRIBLE LAG that constantly plagues the game.
The CONSTANT disconnections just when you load a map your spent shitloads of currency upon. Sorry kid map gone, no PORTALS for you! Ps. [Removed by Support]

I feel like GGG is playing Wack a Mole and I'm the mole. I pop up in Wash DC and the hammer falls. I show up in Texas and the hammer falls.

Come on [Removed by Support] I only want to play your stupid game. Why? It's the best out there so let me PLAY the goddamn game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please do something Its getting so depressing to loose the 10% to the freeze up. I'm just got 3 maps in a row with them survived one but the other two got me now I down to 50% I was so close to 75% after dying twice yesterday to the freezing when the syndicate jumps me. And to think I got a new rig just to play this because I thought it was me.

I suppose I will just stay at my hide out and stare at the tree with eyes I got from spending points this past weekend. That seems safe.

There was an update waiting for me today. I noticed GGG is advertising brand new mtx and shit. Oh well.

Went to Wash DC, opened map that I had saved for several days which I had spent a chunk of change. Map crashed within 5 minutes.

Rebooted machine went to Texas. Map was gone, all portals gone, my cash gone. Opened another lower tier map and entered. Map crashed within about 8 minutes.

Rebooted machine and went to California. Map still there missing one portal. Went into map and crashed with 2 minutes.

What ever GGG did had nothing to do with the horrible problems plaguing this game.

Oh well, back to Warframe.
MFairfax wrote:

Oh well, back to Warframe.

cya! I think its crazy that I have never had a map crash but you are constantly plagued with them. Interesting. I play Wash DC btw.

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