3.6.4 Patch Notes

Fix the atrocious lag... Why, does my processor downclock in poe, when it's stable overclocked? with every c support disabled, and every means of underclocking disabled?

Also it does not downclock in any other game, or for any other reason. (I tested it for 16 hours without playing PoE) And it downclocks in poe in about 5-15 minutes.? ?? ? ?? ?? Your game is messing with my bios, with my processor, potentially with windows? ? ? That sounds likea trojan, or some extremely malicious software.. rofl.

Only thing I can think of, Is some interfering crap from poe. This also did NOT happen in betrayal OR delve....

Your game is legit damaging my pc. Wth?? ? ? ? ?? When it underclocks my CPU, everything goes to crap, my frames, my frame TIME, MY PING EVEN!?

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? but I can play any other game, for any period of time after restarting my nearly broken pc, and it's fine.


Like no wonder you have no players this league... I wonder why... I truly wonder how many others realized PoE is MESSING with their pc's and STOPPED playing???

If you guys can't get a handle on your shiz, you're going to lose the bulk or your players and income. I will not continue to play this if lag continues through the flashback league and into next league, when it didn't exist in delve or betrayal.

This is garbage. The game runs worse then pubg, it runs worse then any game I can think of which barely runs.
3.6 gigabytes for this?!?
another patch and multistrike is still in 1980 style....
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Yikes. Time for a processor upgrade?
Appreciate all the hard work you are doing for us!

Looking forward for the issues with invading syndicate members crashing, or lagging, the game to be fixed! That is all I want tbh.
create a in game mailing sistem where player can trade items while non online

something like a mailbox near the party tab
something like: send a mail to another player (there must be a maximum number of mail sent) whit the option "add an item in this mail" and relative slot to put item in
also must be "request a currency on excange"
where a player who receive the mail must put that currency in another slot in the mail and press a button for confirm the excange
3.6gb for bug fixes... WTF?

You know, I really love this game, but just now I suddenly remember why I stopped playing a few years ago: It takes me like 2 days of downloading to get an update this size, and that is if I do not use the internet for anything else during that time. If I only download while I'm sleeping it'll be more like a week until I have the update, and there isn't anything on the list that affects me enough to trade for that, so effectively I get kicked out of the game for a few days and have extra gimped internet until then with no real upside.

Can you please figure out how to change a few lines of code without making me download half the game? I know it's a complicated thing, and 'a few lines' is an understatement, obviously, but there is no good reason I should have to sit here downloading an update for a week when it 100% does not contain 3.6gb of new information. 99.9% of that 3.6gb is stuff I already have, guaranteed.
2 days of downloading?!

It took me less than 5 minutes

reasonable,I would say
Thanks a lot.
ing: ArArcher
xXx_1 wrote:
2 days of downloading?!

It took me less than 5 minutes

reasonable,I would say

I'm sure you think 50gb day-1 patches for disk games are reasonable too?
It's the same problem of downloading shit I already have.
Not everyone has your internet speed, it's not even an option for me.
There are also people that pay for bandwidth on their internet.
But devs want people to download 500gb to change a button from green to blue.

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