3.6.4 Patch Notes

I played my frostbolt character after this update, and the orbs just look totally out of place. It is simplified console model thrown into a very high quality environment.

I think for th most part it is that the border is too sharp. It feels like I am blowing bubbles.

Bubbles Sharon?!? I am the bloody Prince of Darkness!! (Ozzy)

Please revisit this. I simply cannot play this character is looks so wonky.

I would like the audience locked at 30 fps and turn off shadows!
Let me start out by thanking GGG for all their effort to bring us a really great game.


Something strange has happened since the 3.6.4 patch and I'm not sure if it is just my build, or what.

I consider myself a fairly decent player. Prior to the patch I had around 50 deaths in this league. Logged on after the patch, and now I am dying all over places that up til now I've played without problems. Thus far tonight I've died almost 20 times (yea, I'm too bullheaded to give up after something kills me). I've checked everything I can in my character stats, all my normal buffs appear to be working correctly, and yet my character has gone from a stable work-your-way-through mob killer to a squishy unfun kinda guy.

Anyone else experiencing this?
While my Ranger is squishy I seem to be squishier, at times I can no longer phase through crowds and my life starts moving despite my Thieve's Torment and Quill Rain + Rain of Arrows @5400 Life.
What about some performance also on the every hour game error at high levels? The problems are not only here
Improved the graphical performance of Frostbolt, Frost Bomb, Magma Orb, Molten Strike, Summon Flame Golem and Vortex.
. The problem is the general fps drop from multiple monsters hitted at once.
Why not add a low graphical mode as in PC? I really prefer play with less grahics and stable fps than see high graphicals and die at every run cause of fps drop.
where is fix for lagging when encounter Syndicate?????. I have been wait since the league start until now, and still loss 10% exp everyday because of it.
Does this game ever get balance patches that AREN'T part of big patches? Seems like everytime I see some small patch like this, it's a bajillion bug fixes.

You know GGG, if you got your programmers in line you could actually have most bugs fixed before a new season rolls out, and spend this time to implement actual balance changes?

Besides spend the whole season fixing bugs that release with the new season? Sheesh.

It's kind of absurd you have bugs this far into the season, that are getting so much time from your programmers who are supposed to be working on BALANCE, like reducing delve costs by 50%, or increasing the amount awarded, so you can at least spend more than 30 minutes in delve everyday until your sulphite resources are burnt.


"Move to this node?"
"Costs 3k sulphite OK?"

"Um, didn't I just get 4k from my daily?" Cool, spend 75% sulphite to move 1 node, delve so sweet breh, making so much progress derp"
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After the new patch the game lags,and frames are dropping.
New patch,new struggles. Sigh.
Syndicate still lags
Poe still sucks
Ggg gives no fucks
Great. After the patch, lag is really bad and i now DC about every 5 minutes. This sucks! Oh, and as for that "improvement" to the Doom Crow portal effect? It's a little better, but still kills my FPS. :(

Edit: and disconnect, and disconnect, and disconnect. FFS!
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