How We're Approaching the Melee Rebalance in 3.7.0

Thanks for the effort guys. I didn't used to like the playstyle of melee when I was a noob, but now I find myself choosing them over spells. So I am glad to see attention to the things I already enjoy about this game.
how about counter attack skill. i really like it.
enoecarg wrote:
Edit: And Cyclone is now a Channeled skill.

If you realize it, should add strong Channeled ATTACK Support Gem together. Otherwise, next league will be just CwC Cyclone league.

You do realize you're getting three times as many triggers with CoC? Goes up to six times if you use two spells.
Wish the armchair developers would go back to developing armchairs.

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Elf_97 wrote:
Ridiculous, play it without appropriate gear and come back

"See, it's TOTALLY not broken! It's possible to make it suck if you actively try, therefore it MUST be balanced compared to all the other skills that barely keep up with 1S Winter Orb with 6Ls!"

Sry but don't get me wrong, i mean not agree to nerf Wo damage even more , so the skill will become obsolete for end game ( U elder etc...), like many others .
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Would be nice to see some melee characters , it sucks to watch every player play Winter Orb trickster :(
Good change GGG !
Keep it up , we are happy :)
Thanks a LOT for all your hard work, guys !
It always have been a pleasure to come and play POE, and I'm happy to know that we can find a new fresh breath in the attack/melee skill, to enjoy them even more !
Really excited for these changes (and the chance to use my melee MTX again). Just one request, please update invisible buff effect to work with banners (while carrying) or make banners work like quivers (they disappear when you have back attachment).
I really havent noticed the problem with melee specs in this game.
yeah i get that it has some klunky feeling, but come on thats a minor detail, the spells work, they are strong, and can clear any content in the game, so what is so bad about them?
I mean the klunky feeling, does nothing 4 your spell, its purly visual u are complaining about here? and that is walking in small shoes when u look at the game overall.

And when it comes to melee needs buff talk, i have had a molten striker for 2 leauges straight, and i have been able to do pure breachstones, do shaper/elder/uber elder, Uber lab, Uber apex. While having the strongest sustain along with fantastic damage.
My cousin had the same leauge a tectonic slam build, which also wrecked everything in the game, 1 shotting mobs both white, blue and yellow, 1 shotting hard essence monsters and strong bosses, again along with great sustain.

This leauge synthesis i play a caster for the first time in 3-4 leauges, and i must say when it comes to sustain, melee wins NO doubt, when it comes to damage, yea sometimes spellcasters have a little bit more, but really not much, my molten striker, took down shaper at least as fast as my current caster, which i have invested more then 35exalts into, and i only invested 10ex in my molten striker, my cousin invested 5-8 in his tectonic slam.
This leauge i have a friend playing "HankTheTank" which is a double strike based melee build. when he plays it right, he was able to do t-14-t15 bosses at lvl 78, while still having budget gear, (less then 1 exalt investment) It was done fast and in an acceptable timeframe, along with him not being close to die not even once.

Both double strike, Tectonic slam, Molten strike, and Reave, is still great specs, i think that if people think otherwise they have to consider another variation of their build, cause melee is great, also in this game!
Maybe quit nerfing melee when it's being actually played?

You know like zerker a few patches back? Slayer last patch? Cyclone, EQ, sunder and numerous other skills?

Git R Dun!
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