How We're Approaching the Melee Rebalance in 3.7.0

An interesting idea is to add extra trigger gems to melee. A combo attack gem that uses 2 or more separate attacks in succession could have interesting effects. Here are a couple of examples.

Frenzy + Flicker strike
Tectonic Slam + Ice Crash + EE

More combinations could also come from how melee is reworked as well.
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One thing you could do is implement a model of fighting/moving from Diablo 2 where you could hold your right mouse button and your character would run in the direction of the cursor but if he would encounter an enemy in his path he would automatically engage in combat and lock on it until he defeats him, and then engage the next one if any, if not continue moving, all this while just holding your right mouse button. I remember playing Frenzy Barbarian in D2 this way and it was pretty fun but then I wanted to play similarly in PoE and just couldn't because it didn't work here. This is why I think playing melee may feel worse than in other Arpgs. Or at least to give this as an option in settings or a button, like we have button for attacking without moving. I think it would be a great QoL change for melee.
Guys would they remove cyclone 50% less dmg on 1st hit shit? Im not sure if its only reason, but last 1year+ cyclone is not even close to top tier single target skills. If they buff cyclone dmg + range.... what a dream.
Mjolner + Arc with Cyclone + CwC + Arc
Can't wait. Literally Christmas in June lmao.

CYCLONE <3 <3 <3
"And Cyclone is now a Channelled skill"

Don't know about that man first it sounds horrible to me but we will see.
need new supp packs pls
about time
So excited to hear this news. I always prefer playing melee classes in other games and I look forward to reading all the juicy upcoming changes. Even if it doesn't work, I'm glad you're trying new things and experimenting.
Please pinch me. I can't believe that this should be true. I think i have to dream. This sounds awesome, but i need to contain my excitement until we get official patch notes.
Keep up the great development GGG.
Hope you all have as much fun developing it as i have fun playing it and coming back all the time (again and again and than pause and than again ;) )

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