[3.8 Video Guide] Beginner Friendly: Winter Orb Trickster [Uber Elder & Fast]

Copy pasta from the vid:

I use Arcane Surge lvl 14 instead of Added Cold for the Ice Spear setup. When casting Ice Spear twice you get the buff, which is usually before the first projectiles hit the boss. Gives more damage and buffs Winter Orb as well.
Also Watcher's Eye with added cold damage for Hatred buffs the damage nicely, but costs a bit (2-3ex I believe) and you lose a bit of life compared to a cheap crit multi/life jewel.

In the end it doesn't really matter though, damage is already nuts. Thanks for the build Ghazzy!
hey ghazzy, fun build, im currently playing it on HC, what nodes would you sacrifice some DPS to get more life ?
Thanks for the build!
Edit, saw the vid, you gave credit to the chinese guy.

I ll try this vid on flashback ty for writing it down.
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What changes would you make to this build if you didn't care about bossing at all?
Can this build be changed to CI?
How would this build do in ssf flashback?
Planing this as my starter @ flashback HC.
Would you level with Storm Brand instead of WO to BAeqouducts?
Any other good tipps for leveling? Isnt a lightning spire better for bosses instead of Arc?

Ty! Nice guide <3
What weapons should we use until Beltimber becomes available in a new league?
Was wondering what would be the best version for the flashback league:
trickster, elementalist or inquisitor?
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Giving this build a spin in the flashback event – thanks for the write-up!

I'm trying to figure out if it would be worthwhile to link Flammability (or Temporal Chains) to the Wave of Conviction CWDT set-up. I'm thinking ... no?

My guess is, the curse would only be impactful vs. bosses (PoB shows a +400K DPS increase vs. Shaper/Elder, if they're cursed by Flammability), but Ice Spear will demand that we maintain a distance from those bosses. So, the CWDT curse wouldn't ever actually reach them.

Does anyone know if that's accurate – i.e. if that is how CWDT curses function? I'll gladly take the QoL from portal, if that's the case :)

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