[3.8 Video Guide] Beginner Friendly: Winter Orb Trickster [Uber Elder & Fast]


This helmet was for sale for only 4ex , +level to Duration, projectile, and cold. All perfect for winter orb. That gives more damage than any 6L which make winter orb doing extremely good clear and even bosses if you have to dodge a lot and don't use ice spear so many times.

I'm using "Tempered Flesh on the far left side of the tree, that's 4 passive points for 56% crit multiplier. (3 points actually since I remove "Light of divinity" to get more damage from the jewel).

I could do delve bosses at depth around 260, and did all conquerors and Sirus with it.
Chayula though was tough, and generally anything that don't spawn adds would prevent you from taking full advantage of your flasks (which is important for the build)..

Casting Vaal righteous fire and Vaal Cold Snap takes the damage for well over 4 million dps per cast. Though during bosses (where you really need the most dps), it's hard to keep constant 4 charges of frenzy and power charges.. because the way it needs you stand still channeling for few seconds to keep the stacks up .. That make dps drop considerably during tough bosses with many mechanics to avoid..
Do you think it's 3.10 viable? My ball lightning miner became squishy mf in t16's and I when I was playing this build in 3.8 it felt soooooo comfortable through all content I was doing.

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