[3.8 Video Guide] Beginner Friendly: Winter Orb Trickster [Uber Elder & Fast]

rly nice damage, just got frostferno and trying to get the colours right which is a painn
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How hard is to get the Malachai's Artifice elder ? I´m trying but its like impossible! hahaha

Mean while I´m using the mark of the shaper with other regular elder ring and seems OK the damage.
Hey Ghazzy, can you recommend some good Unique Glove for this build? I'm already capped on RES so i don't know what kind of glove to use :c

How's this build for HC?
Viable or need to change something?

Why do you use controlled destruction on the ice spears when you take so much critical strike multipliers in the passive skill tree?
Low__BoB wrote:
Why do you use controlled destruction on the ice spears when you take so much critical strike multipliers in the passive skill tree?

Because, it' easy to misinterpret Controlled Destruction's effect on skills when reading the text.

100% reduced crit strike chance doesn't mean 0 crits... it just means if you have 400% increased crit strike chance on the tree/gear, your actual crit chance is 400-100 = 300% increased crit strike chance (times your skill's base crit)... so, beyond a certain crit chance, the 25-44% more spell damage outweighs the crit chance loss for DPS...

I didn't understand this, either, when I first started playing more spell-based builds...
Anyone try this build in 3.8? I'm looking to try something off-meta for a while (and i have the ring).

Edit: Just finished Uber Lab and am having a great time. We'll see how it handles multiple Blight bosses, but so far, so good. An enduring mana flask helps the Ice Spear against multiple bosses as does a Vaal clarity.

Edit 2: Blights at T14/15 are too much for the build as are most blighted maps. It just can't deal with too many channels. It's not the mana. I think the WO just needs more. My gems are still L19, but I don't think it's going to get there.
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Glad you're having a good time with it, I'm kinda looking for something to get me back in the league so I can try to finish the challenges! Might have to check this out... I never got a chance to play winter orb in Synthesis either!
I'm interested in this for 3.9, but I am concerned about the availability of Beltimber. Can it work without ?

Lvl 89 in 3.9 metamorph league atm, it's not bad, but dps still needs a push before I'm able to do T16 with ease. Gotta need to craft better gloves, and get more hatred aura effect on corrupt amulet.
Also I hate beltimber for having no damage at all, just the projectiles. Maybe I should get dying sun and replace one of them

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