Since the release of Synthesis almost two weeks ago, we have been given plenty of feedback about what players are liking and not liking during their playthrough of the league. This has not only prompted many patches that are already deployed, but also a lot of internal discussion that has resulted in a pretty large-scale set of changes that we intend to deploy next week. While these changes are still being tested, we wanted to give you an update of the direction we're going with the league.

Monster Density

We have determined that pack size bonuses aren't working in Nexus Memories. Currently they do make the packs larger, but also reduce the number of packs available. We also found problems related to small and medium sized memories having more monsters than intended. After all this is fixed, monster density and rewards from Nexus Memories will be a lot better for large Memories, relatively unchanged for medium Memories and slightly lower for small Memories (which are not found above level 50, so this is a strong monster density buff for end-game players).

Breaches and Abysses can now spawn in non-decaying Nexus Memories also.

Distant Memories

These were too unrewarding. We have significantly increased both the quality and quantity of rewards yielded by the chests in Reward Memories.

Upon approaching the Reward Chests in a Distant Memory, you will now be informed that you have found the rewards with a pop-up. This will also set your checkpoint so that if you get hit by the Decay it will teleport you back to the reward location. As players frequently want to be able to travel out of the Distant memory (and would avoid setting checkpoint to do so) we will create a portal between the reward and the start bridge at this point. This allows you to travel freely between those two locations. This also means once you have found the reward location you can continue to clear the Distant Memory without risk of losing your rewards.

Moving Memories

Players can now move Memories. At any point where you can place a Memory, you can now select another placed memory and move it and its global mods to this new location. This makes it easier to travel to various locations and means that players will run their memories until their final decay more frequently.

Memory Modifiers

We have completely changed how Memory Modifiers ("Global Mods") work. The current ones are way too spammy and require you to stack dozens of them to get significant rewards.

Global Mods are now massively more powerful, but do not stack anywhere near as deep. Every Memory now has a maximum of five of the new massively-buffed Global Mods. Instead of applying to all connected Memories, you now will be able to see what the mod is and select which Memory to apply it to. It will affect that memory and all immediately-adjacent ones connected to it. This feels a lot more rewarding and allows players to make more interesting decisions.

Fractured Items

Can now drop from any Memory, not just from Memories that are currently decaying. We have also increased the average number of Fractured Mods that drop from reward chests.

Memory Mods

Higher-level Memories will now spawn with more mods, increasing rewards (pack size, quantity, rarity) and also difficulty.

Memory Fragments

Are now biased further towards three- and four-bridge ones. Also, there's now equal weighting between straight pieces and corner pieces for the Memories with two bridges.

Boss Encounters

The Synthesis Boss Encounters now have the mods of the Memory that the portal to their areas was created from. This will in general make them more difficult, especially at higher levels.

Trampling of Planned Paths

The generation of Distant Memories and Memory Amplifiers now occurs when acquiring a Memory, instead of when placing one. This will reduce the rate that Distant Memories trample your planned paths.

Please note that we're still testing and iterating on the above changes. They may change further before release, potentially significantly. We are trying to get these out as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience, feedback and support!
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