3.6.1 Hotfix 2

Biovital wrote:
So let me see if I understand this.

So you nerfed drop rates, than saw that the drop rates were shit, so you unnerfed your own fuckery?

Welcome to GGG, the company with a clueless balance team who don't playtest their own game.
Trickster is the class for Chads
Thank god. Spent close to 20 hours farming maps and couldn't get tier 6 / tier 7 to sustain even fully chiseled / alc'ed. RIP my fucking chisels... spent over 100 in that time.
Morelli_ wrote:
Ashriel wrote:
Who wants to bet we're being gaslit into only thinking they adjusted the map drop rate when in fact they've actually done nothing? I'm waiting for the "map drops feel so much better now" posts despite nothing having changed.... That would be just like GGG. Remember Bestiary nets and Alchemy drops?

imagine still defending ggg and thinking they havent lowered map drops this league

literally just got on and cleared 5 t11's and gotten about 7 t11s+t12s back when before i was getting jackshit (and that was with bloodlines zana mod as well)

the alchemy drops in bestiary was a handful of idiots claiming they lowered it when they obviously didn't. it was just because the previous league was Abyss which give us way more monsters to kill equaling more drops (therefore more alchs) whilst bestiary had less mobs to kill etc etc. If anything, the map drops this league should have felt like more from the start because of the multiple avenue of getting them that are in the game now (Delve, Incursion, and now Synthesis), yet they seemed to be dropping at an extremely low rate which was obviously because the innate drop-rate was lowered on them.

Yeah, except they admitted it was lower, and no one can remember a league where they got fewer alchs than Bestiary. Right.

Anyway, I haven't played since the hotfix, so I'm hoping I'm wrong. I'm just saying it would be just like GGG to pretend to hotfix something, post no numbers or proof, and leave it to the community to fight it out on reddit, as they already have the past week on map drop numbers. Let me guess - you thought they were already fine, just like BalorMage?
No fun allowed.™
Its amazing, the responsiveness and agency that the dev team has for issues in the game internally and from community feedback. All seamlessly. A truly good actor in the industry. Bravo GGG.

EA's Anthem took over a month to acknowledge and change their droprates at all, and only after extremely vitriolic criticism from their community.

Thanks guys! I can't play your game because of the lag spikes and fps drops and knowing that you are doing nothing about that feels so good! Thanks ggg...
Ashriel wrote:
Let me guess - you thought they were already fine, just like BalorMage?

no, the opposite. Map drops were definitely lowered significantly and it made the game 10x less fun to play as a result.
Trickster is the class for Chads
It did jack sh**t to red maps, still bad AF
Didn't need the patch notes to realize this patch. Instantly noticable.
Please don't do that nerf again.
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Well now they will fall more, wait for certain I can not play for the loss of FPS and the crash ty GGG
Ashriel wrote:
Yeah, except they admitted it was lower

No, they did not.

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