The Mageguard Armour Set and Huge Skill Effect Sale

SKILL Sale time to bring up the fucked up Ghost FlameTotem that wasnt updated to FlameTotem's new theme for some reason it worked perfect when you reworked Incinerate GGG why not this time ?
Synthesised items eat up all my tabs, and i can't place them all on market. I guess a bunch of people got the same problem. So the fractured mod avaiblity on the market is smaller than it should be. And no stash tab sale...
Fossil and essence crafting still down limiting the the synthesise crafting capability...

I'm not sure that you really want us to enjoy the new league.
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Stash Tab SALE
Stash Tab SALE
Stash Tab Sale

Where is it.

I am (we are ) Dissapointed.

Another great armor set ruined by neon carnival effects, you guys just can't help it, can you...

Are purple tentacles, toxic color schemes and lore-wreaking anime wings mandatory for all purchasable stuff in this game? It's like you guys are completely convinced your fan base is composed of 100% bronies.

Is the fact that not everything has to be dark and gloomy and covered in blood and rot and aging metal and wood really that big a deal?

Come on now. Even "Fashion Souls" is a thing, to say nothing of "The Onion Knight"...
Where is the stash tab sale.
My CI Jugg HoWA Moltenstrike Guide:
Well, the delays on the stash tabs may have just lost you a customer. The game is unplayable without more tabs and i'm tired of waiting.

Maybe i'll see you next league
Yeah please rethink delaying stash tab sale. Who cares about Skill effects if they are delayed one week, but for new palyers to get stuck on 4 tabs for so long is really bad.

My friend goes crazy managing this ridiculous low amount of tabs and was happy this weekend is finaly the tab sale so he can buy a supporter pack or two. Hope this isn't a deal breaker for him and he keeps playing.
gimme my stash sale GGG.
Mercy plz
Natalia_GGG wrote:
You're supposed to be running the Super Stash Sale.

Unfortunately, we had to reschedule the stash tab sale for next week. Very sorry about that.

Sorry but that just sounds as utter bs. What possible reason could make you "have to reschedule" it? I was planning on buying a bunch of tabs during this sale but something like this makes me reconsider even continuing playing the game.

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