3.6.1 Patch Notes

very pleased that I will not need to keep linking my blight skill given from gloves all the time it was a terrible hassle unlinking so much
Wait so the Intervention Lag spike hasn't been fixed?
really good that u fix a lot, still the league is really disappointing.

And crashes still hapenn a lot
Nice QoL changes for synth. No betrayal (specifically intervention lockups) makes me sad tho.
1) what about Delve monsters not giving EXP inside a flare?
2) what about the massive crashes from Betrayal encounters?
And no fix for Intervention dropping people from 180fps to 1fps...fail.

I bet they add 40 new MTXs next week though.
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"Fixed a bug which prevented some players from accessing the Memory Nexus if they had not talked to Cavas prior to the Templar Laboratory Memory. Affected players can speak to Zana in Oriath or at the entrance to a Fragmented Memory after completing it to gain access to the Memory Nexus."

Woho, I can play the game after 4 days! :P
spell cascade with cwc still not fixed.

what about the client crashes, without error-message? game is crashing in maps and delve.
sometimes it just crashes every 2min
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