3.6.1 Patch Notes

everytime there is a syndicate, the game just freezes for 20 seconds and then i'm dead.
Well , you guys fixed some skills but still you didn't fix CwC to work again with SPell cascade, is on forum for days , and most replys on that thread meaning that bug or nerf had much more attention...
What about syndicate encounters literally freezing PCs and booting people out of the game, but nvm that.
What about not getting xp in underground cities, that is just retarded.

Fix Intervention please.
single word post to pump up post count!!!!!
Great fixes for the memory nexus. I'm sure there will be plenty more updates and fixes to come in the future, GGG clearly focusing first on the most vital fixes troubling the league mechanic.

Give it time guys, hopefully syndicate fixes coming soon among others.
Being honest this is the first league ive played since harbinger that has such huge FPS drops in party play and solo play its emberassing
still nothing on spell cascade and cast when channeling spells ? :x my CWC Whispering ice blows atm :x
ign: ropefly
THANKS for some fixes...
I think this League is so interesting, but unfortunately many players dont check this complete stuff out there in the Synthesis World.
But i think the people will loves it later on.

I hope the fix of "Zealotry" modifier found on the Watcher's Eye Unique Jewel from 180% to 30%"
will include the currenty Watchers Eyes. It would otherwise destroy all other wachters eyes because of there strenght.

Hope the League will go in core...but some fixes should be made for this.

BTW sorry for my english
Gallaxe wrote:
Syndicate fixes? the huge FPS drop & lag?

maybe attach a PC instead of a toaster?

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