3.6.1 Patch Notes

Amazing job! Love you
No Syndicate intervention performance issue fixes :(
Still no fix about Betrayal encounter :(
Fix FPS lag please, I can't play the builds I want with my friends and can barely play solo and my specs are well above recommended.
Cpt_Balu wrote:
what about the client crashes, without error-message? game is crashing in maps and delve.
sometimes it just crashes every 2min

This so much!

cant play the game anymore becasue of those issues, please fix this
I was looking for the patch note that said: Syndicate, Incursion and Betrayal were removed from the game... nope, Alva will still follow me around and I will still freeze until dead (it’s not a skill) from the syndicate encounters that I skipped and don’t want to do.

On the other hand, thanks for the fix of the Essence Drain piercing issue.
Jun daily gives mastermind xp? Nope.
Fixed a bug where some memory fragments were bugged and could not be found once you're past the lvl cap to encounter them outside maps? Nope.
Allow sharing of placed memory fragments in your nexus with party members for Memory III completion? Nope.
Give some indication of what memory will be overwritten and removed in your memory bank when you finish memories in the wild? Nope.
Double the Memory Bank size so people aren't forced to either just overwrite, auto-fail, or simply skip memories in the wild out of worry it'll destroy their nexus progress? Nope.

Edit: Give a range limit to Intervention Syndicate encounters on the map so they don't follow you forever and make playing HC a nightmare? Nope.
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Since Synthesis this game is a fucking buggy mess. And GGG don't even act as if they acknowledged the problems.
My fps is dead in this league. FeelsBadMan
OMG fuck hdd users right in the ass, no interverntion fix nor removal of that mechanic, nice fucking patch ggg

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