3.6.1 Patch Notes

cya next league
Where the heck is the syndicate intelligence buff? More headhunters than devouring diadems...
see my signature. again.

you fixed one issue, but many more remain relating to ALL JUN ENCOUNTERS.
What about the massive lag spikes when Betrayal events occur?? I mean its totally horrible
Does this mean the beta testing phase is over?
Just get rid of Betrayal.

I mean.. thanks, nice notes.
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
Any ETA on the patch that will make synthesis feel as rewarding as previous leagues? Appreciate the bugfixes, but shouldn't that be an x.x.x<a|b|c|d> instead of an x.x.1?

Well, RIP every time intervention spawn in( RIP XP)
What about Monstrous Treasure bug?
Gallaxe wrote:
Syndicate fixes? the huge FPS drop & lag?

Priority for mtx hat & co. Sorry.

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