[3.6] Binks' Vaal Double Strike Ichimonji Champion - Extremely Budget Friendly

Xanthochroid wrote:
Binks1 wrote:
Xanthochroid wrote:
Master of Metal mixed with Dread Banner and Inspirational far outdamages Worthy Foe if you can get accuracy btw.

20% Aura effect from Inspirational, 14% aura effect from Dread Banner itself with level 4 enhance, 20% aura effect (buff effect) from Ichimonji's, and 50% aura effect from 50 stages placed version of the banner for a total of 104% aura effect.

Dread Banner gives 20% chance to impale, with all the aura effect this is now 40.8%, added on to Master of Metal for 60.8% impale chance.

Dread Banner gives 19% increased impale effect at baseline, with all the aura and buff effect this becomes 38.76% increased impale effect, plus 8% from Master of Metal travel node for a total of 46.76% increased impale effect. Impale is 10% baseline, and is now 14.6% of each impaling hit, multiplied by 7 hits for a total of 102.2% more damage for each impaling hit, or a multiplier of 2.02, or 202 per 100 baseline.

Per 100 hits:
60 impale for 202 damage each = 12,120
40 Do not impale for 100 each = 4,000

(12,120+4,000)/100 = 161.2 from a baseline of 100, a 61% more multiplier.

Just throwing in Hinekora's sight for easy 1000 Accuracy and swapping to Master of Metal and Inspirational over Conqueror and Worthy Foe massively boosts damage. Impale is incredibly underrated when you scale aura and buff effect on Dread Banner.

Hey, Xanthochroid!

Thanks for the very in depth and thorough insight. I understand what you are saying and completely agree! Master of Metal and Inspirational Ascendancy options orienting the build around impale makes for quite a strong contender. I definitely will have to try and experiment with this setup down the road for myself.

On pen and paper the numbers definitely add up. Although, the build already reliably one shots packs instantly and takes down single target bosses in a matter of seconds.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Small correction, I meant Hyrri's Truth not Hinekora's sight. Hyrri's truth is super good, it gives 28% crit mult, free phys leech, 15-28 flat added phys, and the Precision aura it gives is 1100 Accuracy rating (turn this on and you instantly have 95% hit chance), and also 85% global crit chance. This aura is super good, and is also affected by all of the aura and buff effect we get (20% from Inspiration and 20% from Ichimonji's). So in total it gives 1,540 accuracy and 119% increased global crit chance, in addition to the over 20 flat phys and 28% mult from the item itself. Strong af for this.

Also super secret insider tip here, Ryslatha's Coil is secretly the highest DPS melee phys belt in the game, and a 30% less min 38+% more max roll (makes sense once you look at the item) gives on average 15-20% MORE damage.

My pretty budget PoB for a pure phys version of this tree is looking to be about 2.6M DPS (about 4.4M including Vaal Double Strike Clones), once again on really cheap gear. Brutality in main 6l, taking out Hatred and Herald of Ash, switching in Precision from Amulet and Herald of Purity along with Ryslatha's Coil and Dread Banner impale effect stacking.

This is the first time in a long while I've done pure phys, and your guide here jumpstarted me back into theorycrafting, and this shit looks like it is going to be disgustingly strong on really budget gear.

Here's my progress so far: https://pastebin.com/GQfMQGyN
Punishment can probably be put on a CWDT setup instead of Blasphemy to save some mana reservation, but you can get off about 4 attacks on single target before the mana runs out, so that should be enough because single target mana cost is only 20 per, and the total attack speed include multi-strike repeats. Might not be enough, but can get some mana reduction costs somewhere maybe. Vulnerability might be the better option even though Punishment gives more damage, because not all bosses are even going to hit you, and not all bosses even use attacks to hit you, and even less still use melee attacks, which are necessary to get Punishment to work. Vuln will also increase the chance of bleeding enemies which helps clearing if using Haemophilia.

Bloodlust is also an option to hyper boost damage, and all you need is for your Ancestral Protector to inflict the bleeding.

I've started looking into this build and it seems really interesting, with your changes that you recommend, how are you doing progression wise? When did you start noticing that maps started becoming challenging, how is boss dps in higher tier maps, etc? Would love to hear more as I am probably going to pick this build up.
Binks1 wrote:

Here you go man!


Lifesaver! Thank you so much.
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Crazily cheap yet effective build. Thumbs up.
update: 82 now and still gliding through content, i do die occasionally when i am not concentrating or something hits me extremely hard

current gear:

any recommendation on what to update next? have 5 exalts to spend
Lu5ck wrote:
Crazily cheap yet effective build. Thumbs up.

Thank you!
hixx wrote:
update: 82 now and still gliding through content, i do die occasionally when i am not concentrating or something hits me extremely hard

current gear:

any recommendation on what to update next? have 5 exalts to spend

Good to hear man!

A little tip you don't need any movement speed on your boots since we whirling blades everywhere. Besides that looking good!
Hey binks, do you have any updated pobs on the damage potential of this build? How is it in high tier maps and bosses?

Also where could improvements be made to take it to the next level, etc?

Also how would Carnage heart compare to hyrris truth?
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Hi there! So far this build has been so fucking metal, I have been shredding content till tier 8 maps, as soon I get higher tiers I will update. That being said when I was leveling I struggled too much with the mana, I have 3 deaths and two of them were because I ran out of mana while fighting bosses, I just spend 3 points and took Spirit Void, no problems after that, can spam like a psycho,

My Gear:

Didn't use much currency, I was almost broke when I started, most expensive item was the Armour and it was about 15 chaos, the other items were just lucky drops or less than 3 chaos, truth is most of them were just 1 chaos, so Extremely Budget approval!

By looking at it, how do you think I can improve? So far I have 4.5K life and capped resistances, my damage is not super crazy 30.730 in the hideout, 40k with blood rage and ancestral tot, that because I have been focusing in the life nods for survival (I hate to die)

So far I love it, thanks for such brutal guide! btw, I find hilarious that when you cast the Vaal DS and Lions Roar the psychos push the bosses to the corner of the map and I have to dash quickly LOL.


Killed Elder / T10-T11 maps so far are very easy to go trough, against elder and the guardians I died like 8 times, that was my first time killing them and my first time killing the elder as well lol, however I find that I didnt have enough damage to delete the elder or the guardians as fast as I imaginated hahaha probably need better gear and to lvlup more, advices are very welcome in order to improve damage and survival!

Thank you so far really fun!

Hey man cool build so far, just came back to PoE and wanted to try a Melee build this time and found your build so Ty!

Also I've noticed in the Skill Tree, you took "Butchery" and "Two Handed Melee Damage" nods instead of "Strong Arm" and "One Handed Melee Damage"? Is there a reason for this? since Two handed damage doesn't apply to us but One Handed does (since we'll be dual wielding doesn't that just count as a One Handed still?)


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