Synthesis Week 1: What We're Working On

One thing I didn't see mentioned is the interface for placing tiles. Currently if you run two decaying memories in a row and need to replace the first one behind you, you need to activate the second memory's decay before you can interact with tile placement. This really needs to be handled better.
Nice, fix map stash..... issue is over a year not fixed..... and it’s a paid feature.....
I'm just curious, What happened when Essence or Fossils were used on fractured/synthetised items?
Is there a reason why items dropped from opened synthesized chests don't appear at the start when you intentionally decay the zone? Due to the existing problems with picking up items on a full inventory, I deliberately avoided picking up any of the pile of div cards dropped from the chests, assuming that doing so would potentially lose them forever since my inventory was close to full. When i cleared the rest of the monsters out of the memory and decayed the zone, the cards did not appear at the start.

If this is the intent, please make it more clear to players, as it is directly in opposition to how things work everywhere else in the league and impacts the most important drops. I missed out on, at the least, two "The Void" cards and probably 20 others of varying utility because the implementation of this part of the league runs counter to the rest.
Great changes! Thanks
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
Best improvement for Synthesis would be to skip it and put next league right now. Im curious how many already left... this should be a record for sure. Worst league ever.
I'm just curious, What happened when Essence or Fossils were used on fractured/synthetised items?

I assume that the limitations for certain affixes were disregarded and it was possible to make some seriously powerful EQ.

They are probably working on a system where the limitations are either exchanged for another affix, or the reforging straight up 'fails to be applied to the item'.
I wonder if it'd be a little too easy on the balance side of things if a distant memory spawning adjacent to a plan which could otherwise invalidate it would instead simply create a free connection to any adjacent pieces. Like, if the piece was north-south only, and an east-pointing distant memory spawned adjacent, the north-south piece would become north-west-south.

It's a little on the more generous side of things, but it's less ridiculous than "can rotate pieces" or "your plan is randomly canceled, start over." Either that or distant memories could be blocked but only rotationally, so that they could not spawn in a manner which would invalidate any existing planned piece.

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