Synthesis Week 1: What We're Working On

Why, thank you for allowing me to beta test this --> HORRIBLY <-- half-baked league content. If the core game wasn't as amazing as it is, I doubt I'd be playing.
Nibelton wrote:
So,i'v found a little work around for Syndicate lags.
1)get off of steam,this mandatory.
3)defrag your HDD on which PoE is installed.
4)enable dynamic resolution set on 20 (some said 60 and V-Sync idk. since V-Sync doesnt work in any game for me for some reason i can't test it)

goin' standalone will help a lot,since it's 25% ggpk reduction
freeze went from 5+ sec to 1-2 sec but still lag like shit afterward,but hey at least i can respond,somehow...

Will try some of these out. I experience a full freeze on a Elder map that ended with disconnection so maybe this could help. The kicker is that suddenly all my leftover portals were gone when I ran back to HO. These maps are a pain to farm already. (I even bought that map...)
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You can defragment the ggpk even on the Steam version, it will stay like that until the next time the game is updated.

It's not the most convenient way of doing so but definitely possible.
I understand that you guys dont want to add the rotation of a memory,
but have you consider add a new currency type that allow's to:

1) add more turns to one memory before it vanishes
2) Randomly rotate or shuffle lose pieces

This would able player to create longer (yet not trivial nor fully controlled) paths thus creating depth and more fun content.

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