On Saturday (NZT), we launched Path of Exile: Synthesis. Peak player concurrency was 176,700, making it the second-largest Path of Exile expansion launch ever (6.5% lower than the massive Betrayal update in December that had a lot of viral publicity). In addition to great player numbers, our recent improvements to realm stability meant that this was our first launch with no significant server problems of any kind.

Over the weekend we released several hotfixes to address immediate problems and fast-to-fix bugs. You can find the patch notes, here, here, here and here. Today, we're going through the community feedback to address common complaints. We expect to make tweaks to several Synthesis mechanics. We have also seen feedback about areas like game performance and are investigating these to fix any problems that may have been newly introduced with 3.6.0. We should have more information by tomorrow about planned changes (though may deploy ones today if they're fast).

In less than 24 hours we'll be launching Path of Exile: Synthesis on Xbox One! Keep an eye out in the Xbox One forum later today for more news on this launch. We are also getting closer every day to having a firm release date for PlayStation 4 users. Thank you so much for your patience.

This week, we also hope to see the launch of the Unique Collection Tab, ExileCon ticket sales and the Glimmerwood Mystery Box.

Thanks so much for helping us make Synthesis one of Path of Exile's biggest and smoothest launches so far. Your feedback and ongoing support are greatly appreciated.
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but race when?
Good news!
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edit: ExileCon tickets sales much quicker than Syndicate kill players! :D :D :D
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Oh nice 'unique collection tab'.... But what will I do with other hundred tabs then?
Patch Notes when?
Good stuff, good launch. Need MTX skill effects when new skills are released though!
Badass dude!
I just want that amazing looking Synthesis Brimmed Hat. Let me live out my wizard fantasies

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