EU Latency/Connectivity Issues [Deutsche Telekom/1&1]

Satisfaption wrote:
If it was on GGGs side don't you think everyone would experience those issues and not just a few of us?
I would love for this problem to be on their side, because then it would get fixed pretty fast.
Unfortunately it is the poor routing of our ISP. The last few posts all contained routes between telekom and telia. If you do a little digging you will find a lot of posts from people playing blizzard games with the exact same issues and similar routes as well as unresolved issues regarding ping/latency in the forums of telekom.

I think GGG have many providers to host their game. So it will never affect all users. I hear so many people in forum arguing this way.
In my case, there is no routing problem, all packages are routed correctly with normal fluctuation, but the game is unplayable. The cpu is within 40-50%, no framedrops, no gpu limit neithwer ram.
The game runs smooth on vertain ip range of instances, but unplayabe in range as mentioned prior of this posting.
This range belongs to a hoster GGG hired, so the problem is on their infrastructure. Simply. If GGG refuses to investigate this, then it's theri poor customer care.
from Belarus same problems here too with range
100lvl mele pvp QUIT
I did a lot of research to find a solution for the problem. I tried different login servers and saw some improvements, even Moscow with a little higher ping did finally helped me to get some hours without packet-loss, just because of a 'better' routing at all. However, every evening we are running into a bottleneck while everyone is surfing/playing/streaming/running backups/... etc.

I didn't understand it all but as a final conclusion I think both need to handle our ISP's and GGG as content provider (as well as their hosting partners). I think the main problem is that no one (ISPs or GGG) wants to pay for better connections ('transit' see links) or at least they could not arrange each other. So please talk to them to find a solution for the problems we have with your content.

And if you (GGG) need us as costumer to direct something to our ISP's (we pay them!) just let us know.

If you (users) want to learn something about peering and transit (fee) in short, you can read the following sites:



Thanks for the attention and sorry for the non-native english.

*edit qol: urls
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Patch 3.6.3d and instance servers 74.116.3.* are still lagging as hell ...

Edit: by the way, it lags independently of Syndicate appearance.
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Any comments from GGG on the 74.116.3.* theory?

It is really annoying to pray each time before opening a new map that it will be lag free and getting disappointed 50% of the time.
I'm also on board ... 1&1 as my service provider and I've tried different EU realms (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London): no significant difference.
Screen sometimes freezes for up to a minute!
Every day I need multiple times to log in, what a broken game.
As i said in my first Post, i can´t play on any EU Realm. With one Exception > PARIS REALM!

If all of you guys have the same problem try this realm for yourself and post if something changed for you on this realm.

I Know that it may get worse if all people change now the realm, but i try to help here where i can.

Paris Realm comes out with 0.6 to max 1.2% Packet loss on high times. Mostly theres no problems what so ever. On Latetime or weekends my MS is from 22 to 38 with only little spikes.

After all Time trying to solve the problems with no success. i´m still sitting on Paris realm so i can even enjoy a little my time here in POE.

It´s not that i wanna talk bad about GGG, but for my case literally its sad to see you guys don´t do anything about this problems, may you just don´t talk about your effort on this problem.

The thing is theres many people like me outside they support you with hillarious amounts of money and it is frustrating not to know wheres the problem.
The performance of the game is really bad in any way considering network issues and system issues... and every Patch it gets worse.

Looking up the patch notes i can't see a good approach of those problems getting fixed in the near future, which is kinda sad.

In morning times cet the game is somehow playable. But suddendly there are spikes everywhere.

I wasted so much time changing senseless options which do nothing (for example: runing as admin, changing graphic options, closing programs, doing changes in the registery, switching from steam client to standalone, using vpn, runing anti maleware, even changing hardware, etc.)
Chrome sometimes seem to make trouble too while poe is open.

But i guess you just deal with Lag/Cpu spikes or you quit the game at the point you are too frustrated to deal with it.

Sure i had some games in the past, which had problems too, but not to this dimension.

Speedtest looks fine while the issues occur.

ISP: Vodafone (Kabel Deutschland) 100mbit/s down // 6mbit/s up
Processor: I7 4790k
Memory: G.Skill 16GB
Graphic: MSI GeForce RTX2070 Armor 8GB
Hard Disk: SSD 500GB
OS: Win 10 pro

Btw i really really like the game and wouldn't complain here or even take the time to open the forum, if it wasn't for the fact that the game is one of a kind. Thanks to everyone working on it.
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switching to Paris did it for me.

now lets wait and watch what happens when all European players start connecting through Paris and leaving the other 4 gateways unused...

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