[3.6] Winter Orb CWC Ice Spears. 8.6k hp ,slayer leech, 9.8-10.7 mil dps ,Depth 749, easy Uber Elder

Would you consider changing the belt to an elder with life recovery rate? Or is the recovery rate from watcher's eye enough?

Ty for the guide!
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I think we are fine.

Ice Spear got buffed.

WO got a slight nerf 60% down to 50% , and some base.

That is countered by the added nodes with the new skill tree!

The only issue would be scion as slayer was leeched. I still think we are very viable and if not then no need to go slayer pick up something else but I still think this is build is fine.

EDIT: The added staff nodes are INSANE. The channeling skill nodes are also pretty sweet.

This means that we would probably need to go more into the witch tree though.
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You dont even need leech on rings becouse Hearth of winter gives cold leech now.......
EDIT forgot it...its ES leech....
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Will you update this guide and the gear required to match the new patch notes ?

I would like to try this in Synthesize.

Will try to get a channel staff from market since I am pretty shitty at crafting.
Vendetta wrote:
Will you update this guide and the gear required to match the new patch notes ?

I would like to try this in Synthesize.

Will try to get a channel staff from market since I am pretty shitty at crafting.

The items will remain the same. The only thing that changes is the build a little if your going for more staff nodes (I would).

THere are also some channeling nodes and maybe a little better pathing to get them.

Still very viable!

EDIT: just got the new tree.

I am going to go Ele + Inquis and not go Slayer. I think it got a massive knock with the 50% as well as removing the +20 increased damage while leeching.

At least with Inquis you get the new conc ground effect.....

Consecrated Ground now affects both allies (providing life regeneration) and enemies (causing hits against them to have 100% increased critical strike chance). It is worth noting that effects granted while on Consecrated Ground from sources such as Ascendancies will be granted regardless of whether the Consecrated Ground was created by you/an ally or by an enemy.
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There aren't going to be much changes to the build in general

The channeling nodes aren't important to us since winter orb is only used for clearing and additional cast speed does nothing to increase the number of times ice spears is cast (it is a fixed 0.35 seconds interval)

1. Small changes
In lieu of the changes to how Bone Helmet (and all other bases) can keep its implicit while having an enchant.. I have specced into spiritual aid. This will also allow us to replace the % inc damage while leeching mod we have crafted on our gloves with % inc minion damage from the bench if we are moving away from the slayer sub ascendancy. You can of course still choose to stick to the old pathing and take Divine Judgement instead (and get 1 point in hand)


2. Defensive options now available
We do have a lot of room to maneuver on the tree simply because we are already doing plenty of damage. The new(and changes to) staff nodes are also an option if you want to get some block/spell block without losing out too much on damage (Enigmatic Defence + pathing clockwise on the staff wheel towards Counter weight).

With 10 points of investment we get
- 19% block
- 19% spell block
- 47% increased damage
- 30% crit multi
- 60% crit chance

here is a pastebin with the block nodes and a change in base of the staff from eclipse to maelstrom

-8.3k hp
-10.17 mil dps
-39% block chance
-19% chance to block spells

Blunt trauma seems to provide knock back chance if you crit with the staff not while wielding a staff

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Did you saw new support gem? its 49%more damage. Also slayer leech. Nevermind. Rory clariefed that Ice Spear would only get 10%.........
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I am looking at this build as a league starter, but I am new, and there is a lot I do not understand.

I am also qurious about the gem the above poster mentions. 10% increase to damage and 39% more damage from energy shield leech. 24% when the shield is full. Might going for energy shield be a good idea?
Very nice guide so far! Will probably try this build or a variation as league starter. Played another WOrb build (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2285097) at the end of last season but hope this build is even better because it has higher single target dps :)

I hope you add some more tipps & tricks to the guide.

Thank you very much for this guide!
Given that Vitality isn't super useful until acquiring a Vitality Watcher's Eye and that Aspect of the Spider is also probably not really available for a while at league start, does it make sense to use something else (Hatred, another Herald, maybe even Zealotry) with that 50% reservation at first and then make the switch when the Eye and Spider are in place?

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