Skill Reveals - Soulrend and Bane

As a result, we've been able to push the damage of chaos skills higher than before.

I bet they didn't increase Death Aura damage anyway because they seem to not care at all about it anyway
GGG is just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. We already have enough skill gems in the game. It's all bloatware at this point. What this game is polish, but nope they're choosing quantity over quality...
is Soulrend based on Spell Damage to increase its damage over time effect like ED or based on Chaos Damage like CA? Hmm ...
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Looks promising! New skills are what I look most forward to in every expansion. Everything else gets boring quickly, but new skills add so much replayability.
Hey GGG those are some good looking changes. Could you tell us if curses from on hit effects like the shaper or elder mods on rings that are applied on a Bane hit too count towards Banes bonus for additional damage per curse applied?
How will Bane work when socketed in an item that grants a curse? Will it get the bonus?

Also, how will Bane work in Doedre's Skin? Will it be cast by the effigy and will it still ignore the curse limit?
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Soulrend look's really cool. But GGG, can you show us the actuals gems? Like, damage, stats and ect... Thank you
GGG need Vulkan and need to make Berserker great again!
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Are existing jewels being changed or will they go legacy? I have two in one of my builds currently.

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