Skill Reveals - Soulrend and Bane

Feredhel wrote:
Exile009 wrote:

I'm not interested in arguing over which builds, skills or playstyles you think are better, nor do I need to. My only point is that they're different skills, which they are. They don't make the same builds.

my point was they are just remake of already existing skills we dont need

And as I already explained in the part you just dropped out of your quote, they aren't. They aren't even remote remakes. They don't play the same at all.

and yes theres a relation between contagion and bane and i actually wrote it out
bane has no spreading but multicurse-autocast and yes that would make up for a wither debuff as well...

So you just pointed out a difference between Bane and Contagion, and then claim you showed they're similar? Wut? And then Wither gets brought in in place of Contagion? Wut? Do you even read what you're writing? And if you're going to argue curses are similar to Wither debuffs because both increase damage taken, then you've gone off the deep end and equated Bane to almost any other build since other builds also use curses and debuffs. Frost Bomb also increases damage taken, for example. Curses don't even work the same as Wither - Wither stacks with itself while they don't, Curses have reduced effectiveness on bosses while Wither doesn't, etc.

And as the other guy pointed out above, you've even misunderstood the leech v/s regen difference between what Soulrend does and what Essence Drain does.

You're talking out of your ass, bro. But no worries - if you don't like the skills, don't play them. It looks likely plenty of other will do it instead, so I'm sure the playerbase won't suffer from any lack of insight on the skills' mechanics and functioning, least of all your muddled up thoughts on them.
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If Bane counts as a curse, would curse on hit trigger it? And what would happen if you link a spell with curse on hit to bane and another curse?
charmolipi wrote:
Does bane "hit" ?

Damage over time doesn't 'hit'.
Looks fantastic! My starter build this league for sure :)

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