Developer Interview - Matt, Narrative Designer

Ruenzi wrote:
Thanks for the interview!

>On the flip side, some characters, like the previous masters, were just extensions of existing characters.

Yeah, well some of them feel like completely different characters now.

Vorici went from a rather communicative deceiver to an edgy teenager hiding in his basement, according to Elreon ("I think you've been spending too much time wearing black and sitting alone in the dark, Vorici"). That same Elreon who showed a lot of respect to Vorici when they were Forsaken Masters, telling us how he "earns a special place in God's heart". Elreon who would probably be the one sitting alone a dimly lit library praying, contemplating, falling deeper into his madness (loved that dude, he would also cheer you up and his commentary on faith was so amusingly ironic. now he's also boring).
If snobbish and delusional Vorici was always enthusiastic about his grand plan, scheming, spying, communicating and working with others. As opposed to Haku and Catarina spending their time with the dead, Tora with the wild animals, Elreon with his relics, he actually worked with people (quests to save his contacts, or "friends" as he used to call them). He was also knowledgeable in the gem field "procuring shipping manifests from the mines", spending a lot of the time in the field.
It's the same voice actor yet he sounds so different. He lost all of his sass and charm and now sounds so monotonous like an apathetic and seemingly brainwashed cultist. I swear he was more pissed at me when I would fail his missions (you could talk to him afterward) than when I whoop his ass now. Even the way he looks now (which btw looks nothing like the official art on the old Hideout screen) adds to that weird indoctrinated monk vibe.
Nothing but some of his lingo and interest in gems is left from the old character.

And what the actual hell happened to Vagan? Once proud and brash he is now a disgusting sniveling mess.
And damn it Haku, stop talking about "honorable death". There is nothing honorable in what you're doing now, it's not even a real death. Again, miss his old self.

+1. It hurts seeing what's been done to Vorici and Vagans' characters, although Haku seems alright.
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Kutuzovh wrote:
Lore, YES
Please consider expanding lore related to Delve
Flavour text of the rings (Uzaza, Ahkeli, Putembo) feel like fragments of a uncomplete story of an ancient civilization and their leaders/kings, and how Aul leaded his people to rise against Putembo(?) (Aul's uprising), probably succeesfully (Crown of the tyrant). This story caught my attention the most and it would be really really nice if you could put more hints about it.
Other delve bosses feel like expansions of the Vaal (Ahuatotli) and the Abyss (Kurgal), but im mostly interested in Aul.

+1. Delve lore really needs more fleshing out.
More developer interviews! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!
Delve Lore please.
Nice to read ...;)
Me: "OH"
Me a few seconds later: "IO"
Anyone not from Ohio: "WTF are you talking about?"
Me: "<shrug>"

Always inspiring to read about fellow Ohioans who have successfully escaped and your excitement about the work oozes through the lines of this interview.

I can't wait to read more PoE lore now!
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I'm a huge fan of Matt's work, it's great to see him working for GGG.

Also love Jorgin's line in Betrayal, the joy he showns when screaming "Yeah! Storm the keep, exile!" is very contagious.
TY for good read!

And add more veiled mods and more craft recipes!
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Wonderful interview.
Hillock is the character that I never get tired of hearing from.
His inner turmoil, and feelings of regret come through each time I encounter him.
I feel for this character who is being manipulated and used. He just doesn't seem to understand his situation.
Very well done!!
Well, Tora lines thru voice acting certainly gave me a crush :P

Staph it Tora... <3

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