Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Im 31 old year and want to join guild which gives chill time :)
Hi, if still recruiting id love an invite.
I just started PoE 60 days ago. Level 27 marauder. Just looking for a chill, friendly guild as I am marijuana-friendly. I play nightly pretty much and I am EST.
I would like to join the guild if you still have some space for a newbie i had a character level 40 act 5 so i know some basics but nothing too deep i play daily Euw
Would love to have an invite if you still have a slot. I'm also a chill player and play in Asia evening time.
I'd love an invite if Discord isn't required. I'm new, and a fairly active player.
can i join please? i'm brand new and could use a buddy+guild
Send an invite, please. Looking for a casual chill guild to play with. I am a beginner to mid-level active player. Thx
I'd like an invite if you have room. IGN Spellarellah
IGN Squwelly

Please add me


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