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Thank you for the continuous work GGG!
Would love to see a "What our plans are for Betrayal content after the league ends" manifesto post.
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I'm stilling waiting for the expansion when GGG actually starts working on the story and cinematics of PoE.

I want to assume that what we got so far was last minute mumbo jumbo before each deadline. Atleast I sure hope it was. It shouldn't be possible to make such a muddled sorry mess of a story on purpose.

Please have a digital pass with a forum badge and some MTX for ExileCon. And not a pet. Not everyone likes pets, apparition, etc. An ExileCon Portal would be cool.

Thank you very much.
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ಥ_ಥ wrote:
I'm stilling waiting for cinematics [...]

If you follow game design & storytelling (eg there are same good YouTube channels out there). Not every game needs cinematics. Cinematics have upsides and downsides. Cinematics could also be seen as a crutch in storytelling.

eg Half-Life was the first game to not use Cinematics explicitly, but use the engine, the game itself, to its fullest extent possible to tell the story.

Vanilla WoW does not have in-game cinematics to tell the story.

Sure, GGG could hire a company to work on a fancy cinematic trailer for 4.0. But that would be money not going into core development. A one-off expenditure. People will watch it once, twice, but not more.

That Blizzard makes now expensive looking cinematics for WoW and other games is because they can ('Blizzard money').

Why Diablo 2 had cinematics, I don't know, have to ask David Brevik next time when he is streaming with his significant other. We could also ask if Diablo 2 needed cinematics in his opinion.
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nicto wrote:
First - whether there will be a party???

No one is throwing a party for you being first bro.
Not in the hype-train this time, after Betrayal. It is almost in its last month, and still having severe bugs. Also due to the recent historic of problematic releases, I decided to try out next league only 1 month after launch, expecting it to be "more polished". Sorry for being salty here (again), but that how disappointed I'm latterly.

Anyway, best wishes for your guys on the next releases and congratulation for making this great game. Despite what I said about the releases, I'm still having much fun playing it. Not many games could keep me addicted like this after those 6 years.
this so much..
Betrayal and Bestiary kinda blew. I have had less fun this league than any other.

Update trade please.
excited for feb 14th aaaaa
new glacial cascade mtx plssss
(also earthshatter <3)
New masters are great, syndicate itself is horrible, the reward system is deeply flawed. The fights are shit, when the best way to play the game isnt actually engaging in high level content and instead spamming an act zone. This running an act zone has been the best way to play for a while now. incursion spam run i think it was blood aqueducts for corruption chamber rooms. Delve spam quarry for sulphite, bestiary spam some act zones for some specific red mobs, and now we have betrayal doing the same thing. Just remove all league mechanics from all act zones after finishing act 10 or you character reachs say lvl 85-90 and change rewards to be better the higher zone you complete them in.

Edit to say this veiled system is/was somewhat fun but I sure as hell am not looking forward to having to unlock crafting like that every league. having to find aul again to unlock 6l? if so its just one more reason/push for me to just stay in standard. I'm already splitting my time about 50/50.
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