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polish language please - my uncle needs it :)

the second thing is the problem with the ping in Dubai - we need to connect by Singapore and have 90-110ms latency.
evanesce wrote:
wildwinds wrote:
Next week we're starting the press tour for 3.6.0 where we'll show journalists what the upcoming expansion includes. We expect to announce full details on approximately February 14. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on since Betrayal.

Why are you telling the press / media before telling the people who actually play the game?

Because that's what a press tour is? They write big ole' articles for us, help to spread the news around to different gaming websites and magnify the hype. It's... it's literally the standard and has been done over and over by not only GGG but all video games, and it took them years to get the media to pay attention to this point. This is a GOOD thing. The media gets Pokemon, gets Fallout and Elder Scrolls, gets ALL big video game teases to release before we see them. There's a reason why CoroCoro is the big source of Pokemon information: that's the industry standard... and the standard for pretty much all entertainment. You should look into this. It's really very fascinating to see how the advertising world works closely with the entertainment reporting world.

Completly agree and while it makes less sense in a FTP game I would rather all gaming companies follow the standard because otherwise bethesda will get the message that what they are doing by not letting the press see games until after preorders is ok. We don't want to tell companies that is ok.
Instead of always developing new and new leagues... can you fix first the old problems?
I thought they would make the press tour, revealing different aspects of the upcoming league and resulting in the full reveal on february 14th... do i really have to wait another week for the information? damn
Really hope Betrayal doesn't go core. Thanks
has the press tour for started???
Are the upcoming expansions included in it???
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