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honest question guys, are the mtx released done for this league? I feel like you guys released less than before mmh
Betrayal was worse than all the previous expansions for me.

Honestly i'd change delving to be sustainable by just delving, if you invest into it. Like farming a specific map on the atlas.

Incursions were a nice addition to maps also this time around so they should stay.

Bestiary content is fine and adds variety, but it's not amazing. Maybe some of it requires a little tuning.

Betrayal content... what content?
Mastermind, voice spam, one shots, annoying doors, spend more time reading than playing. Picking up veiled items just to unveil stuff you've already unlocked.. smh. So annoying.

I sincerely hope Betrayal is changed, a lot, before it goes core. Really I just hope it doesn't go core.
Pog. Cant wait. Thank you for all your hard work!
Fix fortification spawns outside of maps (and the other bugs please).
Ireally like that you try (copy) some new things, but jesus do it with quality.
9-10 months is not what I would call a decent buffer for planning a trip to freaking NZ guys... come on. We were told we'd get info a month ago, what's the hold up?
Dem metal chickens
Some actual fixes would be nice, including but not limited to:

Fortifications spawning outside of the map
Connectivity of just about all servers falling through the floor like twice a day
Alva not being able to let you into the same room twice per map - making getting more than one t3 rooms ridiculously hard while simultaniously for most rooms having literally all rewards locked behind T3 only
Aisling veiling an item always giving the same 3 choices (or 6, for doubleveils)


Try to give each syndicate member at least one worthwhile position (*cough* Vagan *cough* Aisling *cough*)
Make Benches count as chests for the Challenges
Make running the Mastermind at least somewhat worth it - it has 0 worth to kill her while simultaniously completely resetting your syndicate, which is a huge cost
Fix the Atlas Objectives Challenge, which takes longer than pretty much all Endgame Grinds combined and overly punishes people that cannot play literally every day

And finally, obviously.....fix your tradesystem.
The argument that any other tradesystem would be bottable doesn't really hold when bots already hold your economy hostage by perma-farming Chaos, inflating the price, and simultaniously being the only viable trade option when trying to trade currency.
announcement on valentines day monkaHMM
Quite looking forward to exilecon :)
IGN: JerleEleven (Jerle's Eleven ;))
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Ripped 760pdps bow 16 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020
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mega yeet dude
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Yeah feb 14!! Oops!! Wait!! WHAATTTT!!!??? So you are announcing on a valentines day! What a lovely letter to read! Lol

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