Looking For A Guild? Join Fearless Today! New Player Friendly, Team Oriented!

Playing betrayal league softcore as ele. I am for sure an active player and looking for a good guild that wants to help each other grow.

i wouldnt mind joining this guild. i just got back into this game and been learning all the new stuff. i dont mind helping where i can, and i can learn from other more experience players.

my ign is Arekeon
I am looking to join. I play challenge SC about 10-30 hours a week, usually at night EST. So far this league ive got a 93 arc miner and an 88 MFer. I just killed shaper and I am getting tired of solo play. Looking for a group to spice it up. Hit me up at @MrMoneyMines, or @RangerStabs.
Hello im 33 and from Holland, i like playing any league, im mostly online like 3 to 4 hours a day.
My interest besides playing POE are gaming on my nintendo 2ds xl and watching moves.series.

I have a armageddon brand elementelist lvl 92 and looking for a new char.

My ign= HocuspocusHeks
How many players do you have that are active in Standard league, rather than the temporary leagues?
IGN is YasnaKholinn thanks!
This guild, seems really clear. Got the rules on point, and i am full of energy to help the guild get strong.

I am a lvl 85 elementalist, and got kinda good experience in this game. :D

IGN: Green smells
Hi, IGN is Lilandarius, 87 pathfinder, fairly new to game and trying to fill my atlas. please consider me for the guild. Thanks

softcore, non season player. Made the move from D3 and WOW.

IGN is Unspeck. Looking for mature, normal people to game with. Active, sometimes on voice in disc as well.

Hope to join.
I am very interested in joining your guild. Im a new player but I'm very active. I am a mature, team oriented player and I will contribute to the guild as much as I can. IGN: NightSilence

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