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IGN: ChickenNuggerLuvr | Aurabot
IGN2: ThrownJupiterArcWitch | CI Vortex

Played ~1400 hours total.
Preferred league: Current Softcore League (Betrayal)

Just getting bored playing solo and I feel like after maybe 3 years of playing this game that maybe I'd get a whole lot more enjoyment by being in a guild.
Hey guys and gals! I am fairly new to poe (I played a bit in beta and when poe first released). I am a D2-3 refugee and am looking for a home! Picked up on game concepts pretty quick and am working on end game knowledge and such. So much to learn! Basically looking for a community to shoulder up with and enjoy this amazing game with. I play almost daily but with 5 kids and running a food truck my gameplay hours will drop a bit in the summer. Would love to hear from you!

IGN: CoremDeo

Current league: Betrayal
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Hey :) I'm an Elemental Witch ^.^ Can i to join please? My account name is Woneerfyalp, char name is Zihirbaz. Thank you.
Hi all ! i cant say that im new to this game but i still have 90% lack of knowledge of this game :P now i`m playing on standard becouse i thought that i`ll learn more ther but item prices are crazy there so i want to start league in the near future.
IGN: CraztThunder
Hope to hear from you.
Hi, I'm pretty new to this game. I played this game a long time ago but wasn't really into it back then. I ended up trying the game out again and found it to be more enjoyable then the last time I played. I like to play games with other people and would like to learn a lot more about how to play the game.

IGN: _Haru_
League: Betrayal
IGN: Minus_P

Played afew different seasons, not sure witch one i like the most, i only play season SC, just come back today and looking to play long term again, ive pretty much just play different summoner
Hey there. I would very much like to join ya little guild. I love PoE and have put several hundred hours into the game and there is still so much to learn.

I'm from the UK with a average job with average hours but will spend my evenings on PoE and most the the weekend if im free. I enjoy helping people and am very much a team player. Solo PoE isnt my thing and only really enjoy the game if im playing with others. Was late starting Betrayal league as my GPU went pop several months ago, i was going to miss the league cause i was late but im glad i did start it as there has been so much added since i last played.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask my IGN is:
IGN - Ironically_Simple
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Hey i'd love to join your team, I've played e few leagues and having fun in betrayal, i play maybe 20h a week.
Leveling an aura spectre right now to buff teams :)

IG Aurabot_is_dead
or Satrillâ
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IGN xWieldedforce, started playing more seriously about a month or so ago. i prefer to play softcore. and betrayal league currently. i just finished all the acts a couple days or so ago. and started the mapping part of the game. which i dont know much about. very tired of playing by myself and would love to join y'alls community and play with you all. I play roughly 15+ hours a week or usually in the evening for me 7pm central time and after thru the week and random times on weekends. I look forward to hearing from ya!

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