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New player who migrated from Diablo 3 in December. 200hours, 2exalt drops in loving the game so far. Would like to join a guild and get some end game advice / help and also to play together.

IGN: MrChidaruma
IGN: Ssgoichi


I am kind of a new player had played Incursion with a lv 69 Char.
New started in the new League and felt in love again with the game.

I would love to join your guild and have a great time together. :)
I play around 20h per week if job let me do so.

IGN: ReavenusSlicer (40) Betrayal
EtherealJack (69) Standard

Best regards!


My name is ,BrandedChicken or BowAndArrowChicken, i'll be either in this accounts playing. I play on Betrayal league.I live in SEA so my time zone will be different from a lot of people and you all might think I am inactive. I do play about 24 hours a week so i am actually quite active. I've also played this game for almost a month now, and i am willing to help newbies if they have enquiries or if they need any item, i'll dig my stash or buy them a new one if i have the currency

Hello IGN is RunMeDown and I play betrayal softcore. Started poe this league and spent a lot of time since then.
Hey, i want to join also you can add me on the name Eiyo.:)
Hi, I'va started to play PoE like 2 weeks ago and I would like to play with some people and to know more of this game by asking the guild members. I play in betrayal non hardcore.
My IGN is ChubbyZ. THX.
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Hey all. I would like to join.

Looking to learn more about the game and tackle more endgame content while helping newer players.
I started playing at the tail end of the Delve league. Playing in betrayal softcore right now.
I'm in the US West Coast timezone and play about 15 hours a week.

IGN is ManWithNoPhone or MyMinesAreMineMineMine
Hello, I am interested in joining. I play mostly league soft core. I enjoy ranged bow characters with a little of melee thrown in there. I log in every night and play an average of 35 hours a week. I have been interested in joining a good well populated guild for a little while but haven't had an easy time finding one with fun, mature, active players.


new to poe, veteran of d3. playing betrayal league softcore curentlz with cs miner. if u want active member add me please i would like to join for some good coop.
my ingame name is Ezoras

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