Looking For A Guild? Join Fearless Today! New Player Friendly, Team Oriented!

Are you looking for a new player friendly, team oriented guild to join?
Join Fearless! We are a new guild, formed a little late might I say, but are down to earth and enjoy everyone's company!

Once you read the following, leave your IGN as a reply to this forum and we will read over your post and invite you to the guild!

Remember you will need to provide a brief introduction of yourself before I recruit you :D

Until Then Stay Safe Exile!

Our Rules and Regulations!
1: All new member will provide a brief introduction of themselves, as well as league they prefer to play in. (Remember to mention this so we can assign your role in discord accordingly)
2: Members are required to be active at least once a week, unless work or home life prevents this. (If this is the case, speak to a moderator and they will make a judgement call, this is case by case)
3: Members are encouraged to help all players, new and veteran, with tasks. Our goal is to become one of the best around!
4: Do NOT attempt to scam members of the community, action will be taken immediately and screenshots will be sent to GGG. All your hard work will likely be lost.
5: Do not be afraid to ask questions, that's what we are here for. If we can't answer it, we will find someone who can!
7: Keep your racism at home with your mic muted. I don't tolerate it and will likely remove you from the guild. You will only receive one warning before actions are taken against you.
8: Do NOT ask for a moderator position, your ranking will be assigned and you will be promoted based on the amount of effort and time put into the guild and enforcing our rules!
9: Do NOT post you Twitch channel anywhere, EXCEPT for the designated spots.
10: Remember to have fun and stay safe exile!
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Hey guys, I would like to join.

I just started so i have no idea which league do i prefer, but i don't intend to play hardcore. I'm 25 and currently i spend around 20 hours / week playing PoE. IGN Jaktchorak
Hey i am interested to join ya guys. my IGN Ukr_BlueLight
IGN: Ukr_BlueLight
I want to join please. My account name is JustAnyName
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Newish player looking for casual guild. I prefer playing betrayal non-hardcore. My in game name is Ralgashaph.
IGN is FindMeCurrency, I'm looking for a guild to play all together since my friends all play League :/ I usually play on Temp Leagues, but I don't mind going on Standard every once in a while!
IGN LeonTheWitch
Newish player looking for help and community. IGN Biribiribiribiribrir
This guild seems like something for me. I'm quite tnew to PoE but I play Betrayal league non hardcore about 15-20h/week depending on what uni and my partner "allows" me to ^^

In game name for my "main" is Shibiti

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